Roadrunner JONATHAN RICHMAN And His MODERN LOVERS Released Debut Album 45 Years Ago

Back in time

25 August 2021

Band: THE MODERN LOVERS fronted by Jonathan Richman
Active: Since 1970, still going (solo) / 8 studio LPs with the band
and 17 solo ones.

Anniversary album: THE MODERN LOVERS
Released: 25 August 1976 – 45 years ago

Pitchfork said: “What reads as contradiction is simply one effect of Richman’s
irresistible inclusiveness. It’s what sets him apart from the Velvets, the Ramones,
the Stooges and the like acts attracted to themes that matched their ragged sounds.
Richman’s music is tough, but he is not. Richman’s music is tough, but he is not. He
loves the old world, he loves the modern world. He loves rock’n’roll, he loves girls, he
loves America, and most importantly, he loves you.”
Full review here. Score: 9/10.

Turn Up The Volume: The roadrunner’s awesome Velvet Underground-like (but
more fun) debut longplayer marked the start of a very long career and still going.

Full album…