7 November / 8 November 2020

I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll in the weekend. Here come
five new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours.

‘There’s A Ghost’ by SUPERCHUNK (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

This brand new steamed up Superchunk missile proves that the band still has the adrenalin-fueled buzz and fuzz energy to make you jump up and down like a manic kangaroo on speed. A welcome wham bloody bam smack to ventilate your lockdown frustration. Press play…

‘Heavenly’ by BRITE SPIRES (Oxford/London)

Clear your living room cause here comes a Donna Summer dance floor killer that activates your isolation bones instantly. A dazzling disco-ball knockout pushed by a bouncy, funky drum/bass beat while Natalia‘s voice makes you feel sexy. Electro brilliance. Shake your booty here…

‘Hall Of Mirrors’ by CROSS WIRES (Romford, UK)

These DIY post-punk challengers just dropped their most catchy single so far. Built
around an addictive, ongoing guitar riff the band invites you to get up, stand up and discharge yourself. Exactly what our minds and our bodies need in these surreal times.
Big stroke, once again. Lubricate your vocal cords and release your demons this way…


Last week the King Of America launched his new excellent album Hey Clockface. The outstanding track is unquestionably No Flag. His most sassy stroke in a long time rollin’
all over you. Costello is back from being never away. Here’s why…

‘Hindenburg’ by MY OCTOPUS MIND (Bristol)

After an intro of radio live radio broadcast flashes of the live radio broadcast of the
1937 German Hindenburg zeppelin disaster you enter a multi-layered sonic universe where you are tossed back and forth. From Mogwai atmospherics to Zappa‘s prog-rock eccentrics. From the psychedelic past to the art-noise present and back. Transfixing from start to finish and a fuck you middle-finger to all white supremacists. New album Faulty At Source out 20 November.

See/hear you next week, music junkies

‘ALICE’ In Darkwave Land – SUPERCHUNK Cover Goth Icons SISTERS OF MERCY

2 November 2020

Veteran North-Carolina rockers SUPERCHUNK
just released a dynamite 2-track single.

The first one is a new original called THERE’S A GHOST
and the second stroke a steamy SISTERS OF MERCY
cover of their 1982 goth smash ALICE.

it out here…

The original

Oh no, we didn’t forget A-side ‘There’s A Ghost‘.
A pulsating crackajack with familiar, energetic vocals
by the passion driven Laura Ballance


SUPERCHUNK Launches Perplexing Video For ‘CLOUD OF HATE’ – Shortest Punk Rush On Their New Album…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


6 March 2018

After a SUPERCHUNK reunion show in 2016, the veteran punks out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina started making plans for comeback album ‘What a Time to Be Alive‘ which was released last month. A critically acclaimed power-punk-house attacking all scum and shit we have to endure these days. And tonight they launched a perplexing clip for one of the sharpest, but also the shortest cut on the LP. CLOUD OF HATE sounds nasty, insane and totally mad, just like the troubled times we live in. Roll the spectacular video here…

Here’s new album

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