GARBAGE Score Hattrick With New Killer ‘WOLVES’ From Upcoming Album

20 May 2021

Active: 1993–2005, 2007, 2010–present
6 studio albums so far

New album: NO GODS NO MASTERS – 7th LP
Out: 11 June – order info here

Shirley Manson about the new record: “It was our way of
trying to make sense of how fucking nuts the world is and the
astounding chaos we find ourselves in. It’s the record we felt
that we had to make at this time.”

New single: WOLVES
Third piece of the upcoming album.

Shirley Manson: “When you’re young and in self-survival mode,
much like a baby rattlesnake, you have no idea how strong your
venom is. But it has the power to kill. You’re just out there having
fun. This is the pop song off the record.”

Score: With the two previous jackhammers No Gods No Masters and
The Men Who Rule The World Garbage score a hattrick with this new
killer. High-energetic, high-powered and high-spirited. Glowing synths
and glowing guitars fuel Shirley Manson for another red-hot-blooded
outcry. This a goddam clamoring corker going forth and back. With the
three knockouts we heard so far, I have the very strong feeling that an
a.w.e.s.o.m.e longplayer is waiting around the corner.

Feel the fire here…

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GARBAGE Drop Another Blistering Track From Their Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘NO GODS NO MASTERS’

29 April 2021

Their 7th LP, out 11th June. Order info: here

New single: NO GODS NO MASTERS – title track

After smoking lead-single The Men Who Turn The World
charismatic Amazon Shirley Manson and her band dropped
another blistering cut.

“This song is about re-imagining our society for the future, for our
children and not making the same mistakes over and over again and
allowing greed to corrupt our thinking,”
says Manson.

No Gods No Masters rattles and rolls with dash and panache…

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New music to boost your favorite 48 hours…

Band: DRY CLEANING (London, UK)
TUTV says: Guitar crazy jam with the female
Ian Dury telling her story all over it. Fucktastic.
Album: Rad new LP NEW LONG LEG.

Band: BEAK〉 (Bristol, UK)
Track: OH KNOW
TUTV says: Electrotasic drum/bass
driven groove. Mind-boggling.

EP: Year Of The Horse
TUTV says: 19-minute Quite/HardcoreLoud/Quite roller coaster

From upcoming album No Gods No Masters – out 11th June
TUTV says: The new single reveals a reborn band with
a surprisingly funky disco banger to fill dance floors.

Band: SUPERGROUP Including: Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, Anthrax
guitarist Scott Ian, former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Halestorm
leader Lzzy Hale, and Tina Guo, an electric cellist.
Track: THUNDER FORCE – the theme song of a new Netflix comedy
TUTV says: A metal hammer for all head-banging junks out there.

GARBAGE Returns With Funky Disco Banger ‘THE MEN WHO RULE THE WORLD’ From New LP

1 April 2021

Power rockers GARBAGE canned their seventh LP titled
NO GODS NO MASTERS. The longlayer lands in June. It
was produced by Billy Bush.

In a press statement, the band said: “This is our seventh record,
the significant numerology of which affected the DNA of its content:
the seven virtues, the seven sorrows, and the seven deadly sins. It was
our way of trying to make sense of how fucking nuts the world is and
the astounding chaos we find ourselves in. It’s the record we felt that
we had to make at this time.”

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Lead-single THE MEN WHO RULE THE WORLD reveals a reborn band with
a surprisingly funky disco banger that triggers your head’s up-and-down
movement the very moment the money drops into the corrupt politicians’
pockets. This hefty hammer is a dance floor filler spiced with that irresistible
Freak C’est Chic guitar hook. And in the middle there’s, of course, NME’s Godlike
genius Shirley Manson, sharp-mouthed as ever.

The men who rule the world
Have made a fucking mess

Shake your booty…

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NO GODS NO MASTERS – out 11 June – order info here

GARBAGE – Single ‘QUEER’ Released 25 Years Ago

22 November 2020

Active: 1993–2005, 2007, 2010–present

Single: QUEER

B-sides: Trip My Wire
and Butterfly Collector

Released: 20 November 1995 – 25 years ago
Score: #6 in Canada, #12 in the US, and #13 in the UK

Album: Self-titled debut LP

Hey boy, take a look at me
Let me dirty up your mind
I’ll strip away your hard veneer
And see what I can find

Sing it, Shirley

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And next year

Girl Power! BLONDIE And GARBAGE On Tour In The UK In Fall 2021

Sisters in crime Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson together on tour in the UK in 2021

DEBBIE: “We’ve toured with Garbage before and I adore them. We met Shirley early on when she was in the band Goodbye Mr Mackenzie. Back in those days, we were managed by Gary Kurfirst at the same time, so our paths have crossed over the years. She inducted Blondie into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. So total respect and admiration for Garbage and for Shirley, and I love the music. We have a great show – I think it’s the dark side and the light side, and it makes for an interesting contrast. We tend to be a little more poppy and Garbage is more on the heavy street-rock side.”

SHIRLEY: “We are thrilled to be joining Blondie on this tour of the UK. They have been an enormous influence and inspiration to all of us in Garbage and it is always an honour to share the stage with such trailblazers.”