Synth Pop Duo LA ROUX Covers GANG OF FOUR

27 November 2021

Artists: LA ROUX
London’s synth-pop duo featuring singer
Elly Jackson and producer Ben Langmaid
Active: Since 2006 / 3 studio albums

La Roux is part – along Idles, Gary Numan, Warpaint and more – of
the double LP called The Problem Of Leisure. A tribute to Andy Gill,
the late genial guitarist of post-punk sensation Gang Of Four, who
passed away on 1st February last year – only 64 – due to multiple
organ failure and pneumonia. The records came out last June.

La Roux picked DAMAGED GOODS, GO4’s best-known track,
but not the easiest one to cover unless you turn it entirely upside
down like it happens here with a hip-shaking reggae-like vibe.

Damage some goods here…

The cover is now part of a new 6-track La Roux EP with no less
than 5 remixes of the song. You can stream it all on Spotify.

Gang Of Four original

LA ROUX: Facebook

HELMET Cover GANG OF FOUR – Double ANDY GILL Tribute Album Coming

23 April 2021

Artist: HELMET
Who: Veteran noize-niks from NYC

Cover: IN THE DITCH by British post-punk heroes GANG OF FOUR.

Track from forthcoming Andy Gill (GOF’s late mastermind) double tribute
LP The Problem Of Leisure with great names such as Tom Morello (RAGTM),
Serj Tankian’s (System Of A Down), Massive Attack‘s Robert “3D” Del Naja,
Warpaint and more. Out next month. Order info: here.

Page Hamilton (Frontman Helmet) about their choice: “I chose ‘In the Ditch’ for
this tribute ’cause it’s a great song even though it was challenging. It feels improvised
and random at times but holds together as a composition… My old pal Henry Rollins
reissued the Gang Of Four albums ‘Entertainment!’ and ‘Solid Gold’ back in the ’90s
and asked me to do liner notes for ‘Solid Gold’. I don’t remember what I wrote, but
I know it was glowing, corny and fanboy. “

Here comes Helmet

The original – hard to beat…

An introduction to the tribute album by Andy Gill‘s widow Catherine Mayer

GANG OF FOUR: Facebook

WARPAINT Cover GANG OF FOUR – A Double Tribute Album Comes In May

20 March 2021

A Gang Of Four – Andy Gill tribute album called The Problem Of Leisure
comes out on 28 May to honor the great, influential post-punk band from
Leeds, England
and their legendary guitarist Andy Gill who passed away
in early 2020, only 64. Order info here.

All-female indie rock band Warpaint responded to the invitation for this LP
with a smooth and trippy version of Paralysed, the opening track of GOF‘s
1981 LP Solid Gold.

Gill‘s widow Catherine Mayer “Andy loved the way Warpaint created not only
songs but atmospheres, without sacrificing drive and danceability. The marriage
of their unique sound with ‘Paralysed,’ on the face of it one of the least likely dance
tracks ever, is spectacular.”

Listen here…

The original

GANG OF FOUR: Facebook

out 28 May 2021

His widow Catherine Mayer about the (double) tribute LP…

I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

24-26 July 2020

Five firecrackers from the past week to boost your weekend…

1. ‘A Boat To Drown In’ by METZ (Canada)
Storming steamroller turning into a trance-like juggernaut halfway.
New album Atlas Vending out 9 October. Pre-order facilities here.

2. ‘…But I’m Tryin’ Hard’ by SHEHEHE (Athens, Georgia)
Red-hot-blooded and supersonic uppercut. A ball-breaker to gaga to…

3. ‘Forever Starts Now’
Electrifying ripper from new Andy Gill tribute EP Anti Hero

4. ‘Police On My Back’ by BILLIE JOE AMSTRONG (US)
Green Day‘s captain recorded robust version of classic hit by 60s beat band The Equals

5. ‘We Share The Same Stars’ by THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT (Los Angeles)
Dazzling the cure waves driven by twilight guitars, propelled by a relentless drum/bass beat, spiced with sparkling synths and a heart-to-heart vox completing the dark picture

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

R.I.P. Andy Gill – Listen To Tribute EP ‘ANTI HERO’ By GANG OF FOUR

New sonic impulses…

19 July 2020

Active: 1976–1984, 1987–1997, 2004–2020
Released: 17 July 2020

Info:Gang Of Four wqs one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands from the British punk scene in the late ’70s. Thye took the possibilities presented by punk and brought them to wild and unexpected places, both musically and philosophically. Thier music fused tough funk rhythms, jagged shards of Andy Gill’s metallic guitar, and lyrics that filtered Marxist theory through the realities of daily life into a sound that bore little resemblance to any other group when they released their legendary  debut album, Entertainment!, in 1979.” 

R.I.P. Andy Gill: 1 January 1956 – 1 February 2020
He was an early victim of the Covid-19 pandemic

NME says: “With one of Gill’s final songs, re-works of old material and and an homage, this farewell record is fragmented but at times extremely moving… swansong blurs line between tribute and posthumous EP… None of ‘Anti Hero’s constituent parts are unenjoyable – ‘Forever Starts Now’ and ‘Change The Locks’ are excellent, in fact.”

EP in full…

GANG OF FOUR: Facebook

Second Album By Legends GANG OF FOUR – Here’s ‘SOLID GOLD’ (1981)

Old and new albums to make your day…

Released: March 1981 / Second longplayer

ALL MUSIC review: “Gang of Four’s existence had as much to do with Slave and Chic as
it did the Sex Pistols and the Stooges, which is something Solid Gold demonstrates more
than ‘Entertainment!’ Any smartypants can point out the irony of a band on Warner Bros.
railing against systematic tools of control disguised as entertainment media, but ‘Gang of
Four’ were more observational than condescending… This is a nickel less spectacular than
the debut, but owning one and not the other would be criminal.”

Score: 4,5/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: The post-punk champs of crackling guitar riffs,
manic rhythms and freakish funk punk. The most influential – worldwide – of a
rad DIY generation with Wire, The Mekons, The Pop Group and The Slits. And still
heavily influential today. Bands such as Parquet Courts, LCD Soundsystem, Bodega,
early Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party and many more know all GO4 records by hard.

Three highlights: What We All Want / Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time /
He’d Send In The Army




ALBUM in full…

GANG OF FOUR: Facebook – All Albums

Back sleeve