New Box Set – Californian Legends THE BEACH BOYS Look Back At 1969-1971

4 June 2021

Band: A mega-hit machine (mostly in 60s/early 70s) formed in 1961 – and still active –
by the Wilson brothers, cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine. They released 29 studio albums – with Pet Sounds as their best known and highly critically praised – and also countless compilations.

New Box Set: FEEL FLOWS – The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971

Content: 5CD and digital box set in celebration of a highly influential and transitional period in the history of the Beach Boys. Feel Flows – The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971 will be available from July 30, offering newly remastered versions of those two albums in a 135-track collection that includes 108 previously unreleased tracks.
Out: 30 July 2021 – order info here

Rolling Stone says: “At the dawn of the Seventies, the Beach Boys had a lot to prove. Their pop success was a thing of the past — even artistic triumphs like Pet Sounds and Wild Honey were commercial flops. The boys of summer were pushing 30 by now, bearded dads reckoning with marriage, divorce, changing times. When they went to work at Brian Wilson’s home studio on Bellagio Road in Bel Air, they were struggling to find their place in a new world that had written them off as a nostalgia act. But the Beach Boys found their adult voices on Sunflower and Surf’s Up, two soulful masterworks that caught them at a fierce creative peak.

This pivotal moment in the Beach Boys saga comes alive in the new box set Feel Flows — The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969–1971, out July 30th. Feel Flows, which Rolling Stone heard in an exclusive preview, is full of revelations, telling the story of the band’s rebirth across five CDs packed with previously unheard gems from the Bellagio Road era. In a new interview from this box set, Bruce Johnston calls it the best time they ever had together. As he says, “Everybody was grown up — but still young — and they used the studio as the ‘man cave’ and the clubhouse at Brian’s and they brought songs in.”


Original SURF’S UP LP