MANIC STREET PEACHERS – Emotional Magnum Opus ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO’ Released 25 Years Ago

20 May 2021

Active: since 1986 / 13 studio albums so far,
new one The Ultra Vivid Lament out in September.

Birthday album: EVERYTHING MUST GO – 4th LP
Released: 20 May 1996 – 25 years ago
Score: #2 in the UK

NME‘s Ted Kessler wrote: “No other group makes music that sounds so much like
one final, valedictory salute everything, and much of ‘Everything Must Go’ sweeps as
if it should accompany the closing MSP titles as our heroes ride off into the sunset.
But you leave the show feeling privileged to have experienced such a life-affirming and
tuneful bout of self-counselling, and you feel it’s done them good as well. ‘Everything Must
Go’ punches at its own heavy, emotional weight – of recent memory only Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’ can spar in the same ring – but as the right hand pounds you with desolation, the
left follows through with a tentative and gentle tickle of optimism.”
Score: 8/10.

Nicky Wire (bassist, lyricist) in an interview with The Guardian (2016): “We always
wanted to be massive. It would have been great for Richey to have been with us at those
huge gigs. That’s the real sadness. It’s great that he is on the record with some of his lyrics though – Small Black Flowers, for instance. We’d be playing to 10,000 people and there would be couples swaying along to: “Harvest your ovaries dead mothers crawl.” Is there a bleaker
line in rock history?”

James Dean Brandfield (Vocalist, guitarist) in the same interview: “Look, let’s get in
a room together as a band rather than as friends, and see what the dynamic is like without Richey. Writing a song like A Design for Life was a massive relief: it was the only way we could
be ourselves again.”

Turn Up The Volume: My all-Manics-time favorite album. An emotional magnum opus. The first LP without the sadly missed Richey Edwards. It felt and still feels like a heart and soul tribute to him. When they played the LP from start to finish in Brussels 5 years ago – to celebrate the 20th birthday – I was blown away. It was a magic and, yes, spiritual experience. Hail hail Manics!

Singles/clips: A Design For Life / Australia / Kevin Carter / Everything Must Go

(timeless masterstroke)




Full album…

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(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels 2016 – 20th ‘Everything Must Go’ birthday concert)

Picture This…


MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – 1st of May 2016

Playing ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO‘ in full – 20th birthday – in full

The magnificent remastered version of ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO‘ here…

(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

HISTORY – 15 April 1996 – MANIC STREET PREACHERS Release Their Classic…

15 April 2019

Twenty-three years ago, on 15 April 1996, Welsh legends MANIC STREET PREACHERS released A DESIGN FOR LIFE. One of those once in a lifetime classics you can listen to forever and ever. The timeless song featured on Everything Must Go, the first album without Richey Edwards  who disappeared the year before on 1st February 1995.

A Design For Life peaked at #2 on the UK singles chart and despite
the group’s countless other masterpiece songs this lifelike diamond is,
to Turn Up The Volume‘s manics hooked ears, the 24 karat gold pièce de
of their impressive and incomparable canon. Impossible to
get tired of this authentic standout beauty…

We don’t talk about love
We only want to get drunk
And we are not allowed to spend
As we are told that this is the end

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