Mythical Prog Rock Symphonies – Swedish Act EYEMOUTH Eclipses You With Their New EP

7 September 2021

Who: This musical project started in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014 and presents a soundscape based on electronic backgrounds and a more classic rock instrumentation blended with mellotrons, vibraphone, santur, harmonium and other alluring sounding instruments. In short, atmospheric psychedelic darkness with occult undertones.

Released: 20 August 2021

Eclipse, together with the previous EPs Cut (2020) and Spiral (2019) concludes a trilogy full of contradicting elements like nature, machines, birth, death and so on. The band recommends you to dive into the dark and vast oceans, and let yourself drift along with the unknown currents for a while.

Turn Up The Volume: Eyemouth is not a band, it’s a sort of spiritual experience, going from the unreal to the real and back. This EP contains six tracks but you really need to listen to it as a unity, as an entwined whole in order to capture the full sonic and lyrical picture.

Eclipse is one long mythical prog rock symphony with classical music structures that enhance the otherworldly euphony while Marcus Lilja‘s spooky voice wanders throughout like the untraceable ghost in the Blair Witch Project. Enigmatic, poignant and soul-stirring are the keywords. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and let this spellbinding trip lead you to the unreal and back. Enjoy the voyage.

Stream/buy Eclipse here…

Eyemouth: Marcus Lilja, Joakim Åberg

All songs written and produced by Marcus Lilja
Recorded at All Harmonics Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mastered by Daniel Johansson at Welfare Sounds
Cover layout by Håkan Aspnäs

ECLIPSE out now – available via Apple Music and Bandcamp

British Post Punk Project MARY AND THE RAM Will Scare You With Their Newest Single ‘ECLIPSE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 December 2019


Who: The studio project of The Trembling Hellish Infernal Nightmare
‘s Kiran Tanna and The Parasitic TwinsDom Smith

Track: ECLIPSE – newest single

Score: This sounds like Armageddon can happen any day now, like Nine Inch Nails under the evil spell of The Birthday Party. After a chilling piano intro with a chaotic fuss in the background ‘Eclipse‘ explodes furiously and continues with a hammering psych groove with petrifying vocals all over it. This is demonic shit! This is ominous clamour! This is
pitch-black turmoil! This is diabolically cool!

Tune in and shiver…