Visual Dreams – Here Are Wayward Sound-Explorers DYR FASER With New Album ‘VANISHING EDGE’…

26 May 2020

DYR FASER are Eric Boomhower and Amelia May out of Boston. The general
apathy to the mainstream’s attention to them remains a mystery. Two people who
treat sound like master jewelers treat shiny pebbles.”

The experimental, sound-exploring duo have a new, highly intriguing album out
called VANISHING EGDE. Music you won’t hear on the radio. Music you won’t hear
in an elevator. Music you won’t hear at fake parties. No, it’s music for nightdreamers,
for open-minded ears, for soul-searching spirits who love starry-eyed vocals.

So far DYR FASER launched video’s for 5 of the 7 tracks.
Discover their sonic universe. Listen and watch right here…

A spacey synth Odyssey with sound fragments played backwards.

Hazy slow-mo trip with a dark Pink Floyd feel and ghostly vocals.

Transcendent head-in-the-clouds reverie with a relaxing effect.

Psychotomimetic jaunt. Trippy. Illusory. Imaginary. Fanciful.

Twilight dream. Glimmering David Lynch guitars. Mournful vocals.

I suppose videos will follow for the two remaining tracks. The dancey ‘In Love With The Last To Live‘ vibration with shadowy duet vocals and emotive meditation Living Weight. Anyway, you can hear/buy the full album here…

DYR FASER: Facebook


Boston Duo DYR FASER Tranfers You To Never-Never Land With New Track ‘NOT THE OTHER SIDE AGAIN’

Brand new sonic impulses

28 April 2019

Once again imaginative Boston duo DYR FASER consisting of Eric Boomhower and Amelia May shows their love for coloring outside of the lines. Far-out is their normal.
They are natural born atmosphere explorers. They operate in a sonic cocoon of their own.

Their brand new track ‘NOT THE OTHER SIDE AGAIN, from their upcoming EP, confirms what they’ve done so many times before but, as usual, in a different way. Here’s another mind trip, another soothing meditation, another tranquilizing fantasy. Spacey, playful guitars and hazy vocals float all over an ongoing repetitive bass beat and transfer you
to never-never land away from our stressful reality. Don’t hesitate, dream here…

DYR FASER: Facebook – Bandcamp

7-track EP PRIVATE ISLANDS out 1st June – all info on Bandcamp

Boston’s Outlandish Tandem DYR FASER Takes Romantic Path On New 4-Track EP ‘METAL STARE DOWN’…

Sonic vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

5 April 2018

Boston‘s outlandish songwriting duo DYR FASER consisting of Eric Boomhower and Amelia May DYR FASER just released their 4th EP titled METAL STARE DOWN. Compared with their previous collaborations this 4-track extended play sounds more relaxing, more reposeful, more buoyant. Overall I experience an oriental, entrancing and hypnotic feel that activates one’s subconscious imagination. The pair’s sensitive duet vocals (except for Sparkle Shade”, only sung by May) add a romantic touch to the whole sonic picture turning the magnetic encounter into intimate reveries for a chill out night with your lover. Capture the riveting mood right here…

EP artwork by Amelia May

DYR FASER: Facebook –  Twitter