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4 May 2020

Vancouver’s alluring singer/songwriter DAN BEJAR and his band DESTROYER released their 12th much-acclaimed album ‘HAVE WE MET‘ last January. One of the highlights is ‘FOOLSSONG’. A moody lullaby. Both melancholic and somber.

Today the band shared a video clip for the song which contains live footage…

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Brand new albums

1 February 2020

‘Darkness Brings the Wonders Home’ by SMOKE FAIRIES
(Electrifying blues folk duo of Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire – Colchester, England)
Jessica Davies about the album’s title: “Times of darkness are when people are often the most imaginative. It helps you to see all the wonders of the world you hadn’t noticed before – the things you’ve been blind to because you’ve been on autopilot for so long.”

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‘Have We Met’ by DESTROYER (Vancouver, Canada)
Singer/songwriter Dan Bejar aka Destroyer says about his 12th album where he looks at
a messed-up world: “I was like, ‘How can I put myself into a terrible world? I can’t just say that the world sucks and be apart from that. So let’s try and include myself in what makes the world
shit. After all, if the world’s coming to an end, you might as well have some fun with it.

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‘Storm Damage’ by BEN WATT (London, UK)
The British singer/songwriter about his fourth album. “I needed a fresh approach. The album came out of an intense period of personal anguish and political anger. Sometimes repeating yourself musically feels disrespectful to the sharpness of your feelings. You have to search for
a new way to capture the energy.”

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BEN WATT: Facebook

‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ by BLOSSOMS (Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK)
NME about the band’s third album: “Blossoms are a band defying time. The Stockport five-piece’s current look is straight from the ‘70s, with daring flares, silky shoulder-length and the odd porn-star ‘tache. They utilise the same party-vibes as ‘80s bands like Talking Heads. And their playful, often self-deprecating hijinks recreate the mischief of ‘90s Britpop and grunge.”

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DESTROYER Dropped Mysterious Lead Single From Their 12th Album – Here’s ‘CRIMSON TIDE’…

New sonic impulses

24 October 2019

Canadian band DESTROYER, led by singer/songwriter and poetic storyteller Dan Bejar
will launch their 12th album, called HAVE WE MET in January 2020. Here’s the lead single, titled CRIMSON TIDE. A characteristic, surreal tale by Bejar. The accompanying clip is as mysterious as the song itself.

Listen/watch here…

DESTROYER: Facebook / photo on top: FB Destroyer

Singer-Songwriter LALA LALA Impresses With Magnificent Track ‘DESTROYER’ From Second Upcoming Album…

Sonic vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

12 July 2018

Singer-songwriter and guitarist LILLIE WEST aka LALA LALA – originally from London, based in Chicago – will release her sophomore LP, titled THE LAMB, on 28 September.
The songs were “written during a time of intense paranoia after a home invasion, deaths of loved ones and general violence around me and my friends” reveals West. Ahead of the new longplayer leadoff single DESTROYER is just launched. An emotionally charged reflection on self-destructiveness and the delayed realization something in the past has irrevocably hurt you. Your auditory attention is drawn instantly. The infectious swagger of the verses and the glowing chorus turn this song into a sonic masterstroke. Combined with the heavy-hearted story Lala Lala shares something really gripping. Capture the sincere magnificence right here…

LALA LALA: Bio – Website – Facebook

THE LAMB out 28 September via Hardly Art – all info here