Never Too Late To Find A Lost Classic – Passionate Post Punks ULTRASOUND Reissued Their Debut LP ‘EVERYTHING PICTURE’

4 November 2021

Who: Emotive British glam-prog rockers
Active: 1997–99, 2010–present / 3 studio albums


The band’s (double) debut album, released in 1999,
now reissued as an extensive deluxe edition through
via One Little Independent Records.

The boxset features the original double album, an extra two records
featuring a variety of B-sides and singles, and a CD of live and session
tracks. As well, a 26-page booklet and a poster will be included.

Louder Than War: “For those of us who lived through the Britpop years, there was so much derivative crap released that no music fan in their right mind would ever want to hear again. This beautifully designed and curated album is the exact opposite, showcasing the vision and imagination of a band who may have only burned brightly for a short time, but did so on their own terms.” Full review here.

Andrew Wood (frontman): “Everything Picture was made with future generations in mind.
So it is so appropriate that it should be re-issued, in a more complete form, to be discovered and re-discovered in future times. We were aware that the post-Britpop presence of the early millennium might not “get” it. Many did, and many more grew and developed with it as it grew and developed a life of its own”.

Turn Up The Volume: Frontman Andrew Wood‘s passion, dedication, vulnerability and romantic candidness translated into a captivating vortex of psychedelic post-punk waves overwhelmed me back then and revisiting it now still generates shiverings going down my spine. It’s never too late to find a lost classic, people. You’ll file it between your Mogwai and your Crippled Black Phoenix LPs.

Recent video for highlight Aire & Calder

The brilliant single Stay Young
(Flabbergasting live version)

Stream/buy deluxe edition
of ‘Everything Picture’ here…


Great memory. In the legendary Paradiso club of Amsterdam back in 1998 or 1999.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Brooklyn Nightdreamers VEDA RAYS Dance In The Dark With Gloomy Synth Pop Album ‘CRUCIAL FICTIONS’

2 November 2021

Band: VEDA RAYS (Brooklyn, NUC)

Who: An act that started as a modern extension of traditional dream pop, indie
and post-punk. The group has since developed a unique voice through several years of steadfast experimentation, making records, and filing through the ranks of the Brooklyn DIY scene. Analog synths, treated samples, and other varied electronic elements add an atmospheric richness. The orchestral flourishes and texturally nuanced sonics oft times broaden the scope unto cinematic heights or tighten the focus down to minimal depths. The lyrics and imagery often explore liminal spaces of abstraction and surreality, channeling subconscious impulses reacting to the present moment.

Members: Jim Stark (vox, guitar, production) and Maria Joanna Bohemia (synths/ keys)

Released: 8 October 2021 – order info here

Turn Up The Volume: Veda Rays started their musical Odyssey, back in 2014. This new longplayer ‘Crucial Fictions’ is their third full-length work and it feels like the band has reached a significant stopover on their sonic quest. It feels like they finally arrived where they wanted to be, so far. Obviously inspired by the British synth-pop of the late 70s/early 80s and afterward, the movement of New Romantics who brought the hedonistic way of life of glam and glitter stars Bowie, Marc Bolan, Roxy Music, and like-minded spirits back into the night-clubs.

Expect echoes of early Soft Cell (Rose Like Leather / Dissonance / Strange Anniversary),
of The Human League’s second life era of Dare (Coursing Through Veins, Days Bleed / Past Gone), of dark-electro-wave titans Depeche Mode (Dissonance / Gold Wave / Fall In Fall
In (All Down The Well)
, and also the shadowy world of Bauhaus (Teeth Showing / Effigies).

Past, present, future, this music genre is about translating all sorts of human afflictions, real and fictional, into heartrending and impassioned tunes that connect, that comfort and that soothe as it also happens right here with Veda Rays‘ new chapter. Don’t put on the lights to dance, it’s more thrilling to move around in the dark.

Singles/clips: Rose Likes Leather / Dissonance / Fall In Fall In (All Down The Well)




Stream/buy ‘Crucial Fictions’ here…

VEDA RAYS: Facebook

Americana Rockers MY MORNING JACKET Released Self-Titled Album – Their 9th Full Length

1 November 2021

Who: Acclaimed Louisville rockers
Active since 1998 / 9 studio albums
so far (new one included)

Out: 22nd October 2021 – Order info here

UNCUT Magazine (UK) says: “Fortunately, My Morning Jacket, its title emphasising its intended definitive status, is frequently thrilling, and its pilfering from America’s classic rock catalogue – including The Allman Brothers, The Doobie Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Band and Crazy Horse – is affectionate and celebratory. Like LCD Soundsystem, the quintet has absorbed the goosebumped highlights of their record collection, instinctively – yet crucially, shrewdly – furnishing stirring moments of familiar if not immediately attributable theatre to otherwise surprisingly simple songs. It’s still unambiguously My Morning Jacket, in other words, but revitalised and redeemed.” Full review: here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: They never made a bad album, but they never made
a masterpiece either, although here, they’re coming closer and closer.

Singles/clips: Regularly Scheduled Programming / Love Love Love / Complex




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Another Triumph For ADAM GRANDUCIEL And THE WAR ON DRUGS With 4th LP

29 October 2021

Band: THE WAR ON DRUGS (Philadelphia)
Adam Granduciel‘s highly successful band
Active: Since 2005 / 4 studio albums

Info: “An uncommon rock album about one of
our most common but daunting processes,
resilience in the face of despair.”

Released: 29 October 2021
Order info: here

NME says: “It’s a soul-stirring epic. Frontman Adam Granduciel has never bought
into the mythology that comes with rock stardom, but this is a triumphant ode to his
genre… Some lose sight of their heart and soul on the route to global stardom, others
take it in their stride. Granduciel recently told NME that “music should be filled with
wonder”, and there’s magic everywhere you look on this triumph of an album.”

Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: I never thought The War On Drugs would have become
the megaband they’re now. But I can understand why. Adam Granduciel is a
master when it comes to writing accessible guitar pop tunes about life in all its
facets. His heart and soul touching mix of romanticism, moodiness, and spirituality
appeals to millions. Respect! And it helps when you’re the opposite of a spoiled
rock star.

Singles: I Don’t Live Here Anymore / Change / Living Proof




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SEA FEVER – Manchester Pop Orchestra Scores With Their Swirling Debut Album ‘FOLDING LINES’

27 October 2021

Who: Synth-guitar-pop
5-piece from Manchester

Sea Fever about starting the group: “We’d wanted to work with each other
for ages, so when we finally sat down in the studio, the band just seemed to
come together naturally. It felt like we were really free to explore the kinds of
music that has always inspired us, we dug right through the record crates
of our minds to shape the sound of Sea Fever.”

Debut album: FOLDING LINES
Available via Apple Music.

Turn Up The Volume: If you sound like a symphonic pop orchestra you
have my attention, instantly. This is an earworm-packed debut you need
to spin a couple times on repeat to discover all multi-musical-dimensions.

If you combine flashing guitars, scintillating synths, symphonic strings, and
sprightly vocals in versatile melodiousness the final score is a most thrilling

References? Talk Talk (Under Duress / Folding Lines / Afterthought), New Order
(Le Coup / De Facto) and Duran Duran (Crossed Wires / Built To Last). Sparkling,
right? You betcha.

Discover Folding Lines here…

SEA FEVER: Website

The full orchestra

Americana Trio CONSTELLATION MYTHS Romanticize On Notable Debut ‘EVERYWHERE AND TIME’

25 October 2021

Who: A post-rock Americana trio from Massachusetts.

Released: 20 October 2021

Info: It’s an album of dusty Americana streaked through with the musical language
and textures of post-rock, ‘Everything and Time’ puts these two competing archetypes
and actualities in productive tension with one another. This tension is evident in the melding of sonic influences, from finger-picked folk of Appalachia to the urban apocalyptic disquiet of post-rock, as well as in the lyrical themes exploring memory, identity, and place. The rural-urban divide is especially present in the most basic reality of the band:
the physical separation of the founding band-members between the country and city at opposite ends of their home state.

Justin Kehoe (drums/percussion): “Lyrically, the songs are by-and-large about personal mythmaking, the stories we tell ourselves and others about who we are, the narratives about our identities we construct, and how we incorporate the past as memory into those stories.
We are all kind of the unreliable narrators of our own lives, to ourselves perhaps most of all. There’s a nice, albeit unintentional, parallel with the band name there.”

Turn Up The Volume: Talking about a notable debut album. Everything And Time charms, entices and moves from start to finish. It’s a gripping work of American balladry and sepia-colored romanticism with the female vocals bringing Hope Sandoval‘s (from Mazzy Starr) vulnerable vox to mind. It’s a record with a chill-out impact and a touchy-feely warmth. Do not miss this band; do not miss this debut.

Stream/buy ‘Everywhere and Time’ here…

Three myths

(Photo credit: Ben Stas)

DURAN DURAN – Glam And Glitter On The Wild Boys’ New Album ‘FUTURE PAST’

24 October 2021

Band: DURAN DURAN (Birmingham, UK)
Active: Since 1978 / 14 studio albums so far

New album: FUTURE PAST
Released: 22 October 2021 via Tape Modern/BMG

Ultimate Classic Rock Magazine says: “That album title looks
ahead as much as it glances backward, and the music itself aims
to combine these moments in time, as well. But Duran Duran are
at their best here when they don’t try to escape their legacy – like
how “Tonight United” adopts the new wave bounce of “Planet Earth”
for yet another new decade. Embrace it, guys. You’ve earned that right.”

Turn Up The Volume: Today the veteran wild boys sound exactly
like the young wild boys of 40 years ago. The same old glam and
glitter, but also the same old catchiness. It’s called growing older
in style and with pop grace.

Singles/clips: Invisible / Give It All Up / Anniversary




Full album…


PARQUET COURTS – New Album ‘SYMPATHY FOR LIFE (and for Talking Heads)’ Out

22 October 2021

Who: Texan rockers living/working in New York City
Active: Since 2010 / 7 studio LPs including the new one

Release: 22 October 2021 – Order info here

Stereogum says: “It always feels weird to say about a band as consistently acclaimed
as Parquet Courts, but for a moment there I was on the brink of taking this group for
granted. It’s the Spoon Conundrum: Here is a band so freakishly sharp and consistent and reliable that, in lacking a new story, people eventually start to underrate. For over a decade now, Parquet Courts have been operating at a very high level. They’ve already become an
indie-rock institution. And now, with Sympathy For Life, they have another strong entry in
a nearly bulletproof catalog. But more importantly, they are showing they can transform without losing their incisiveness. Parquet Courts are evolving, and the sound is
as exhilarating as ever.

Turn Up The Volume: All arrogance when they’re on stage (I know, I saw them
several times), but all solid electricity on record. Do not expect that the Courts will
make a jaw-dropping Kid A record à la Radiohead ever, no they’re riff-rattling rockers
at heart (Walking At A Downtown Place / Black Widow Spider / Homo Sapien) and show
their avid sympathy for Talking Heads once again, even more than before (Marathon
Of Anger / Plant Life / Sympathy For Life / Zoom Out
). No fear of music here.

Singles/clips: Homo Sapien / Black Widow Spider / Walking At A Downtown Place




Full album…


Götterdämmerung 2021 – German Goths VLIMMER Impress With Their Debut LP ‘NEBENKÖRPER’

21 October 2021

Who: German goths based in Berlin who
fabricated/released 18 EPs (!) before this debut LP

Released: 24 September 2021 through Blackjack Illuminist Records

Turn Up The Volume: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin‘ sang Bob Dylan back in 1964,
and yes the world changed and is still changin’ but in the wrong direction (again).

Ruthless, political autocrats and maniacal swindlers rule again (so what’s new?), oppressing people for their own avaricious purposes. If that isn’t enough our
restless world got knocked out by the devastating coronavirus crisis.

Apocalypse Now? It looks like it.

If we need to go down let’s do it with a fitting soundtrack. Nebenkôrper is a non-stop tsunami of synth-scary doom and gloom thunder. At times with a weird sort of dark
opera chants (Mutem / Minusgesicht / Kartenwarten), at times with Front 242 shockers
(Ad Astra / Wangendrück / I.P.A.), at times with hallucinatory bangers (Meter / Kron), but
always with infuriating intensity and wall-breaking orchestration from start to climax.

Götterdämmerung 2021? Absobloodylutely!

Single/clip: I.P.A.

Stream/buy the full nightmare here…

VLIMMER: Facebook

00_ (yes, the band’s name) – Australian Post Punks Mess With Our And Their Minds On New Album ‘CA\YPTRA’

20 October 2021

Band: 00_ (all oh nothing)
Who: An experimental rock band with a drip-fed, magnetic
sound. A warm damage, a gleaming vocal performance, a
coordinated racket of unhinged guitar smothered in a viscous
porridge of urgent drums and bass.

Debut Album: CA\YPTRA
Released: 4 September 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Remember Scottish noise crusaders Mogwai
back in 1997 with their jaw-dropping debut LP Young Team? Well, 00_
share their spirit and vision of mucking around with electrical noise but
even rawer, messier, and more chaotic. They build up, break down, throw
some out-of-tune violins in, here and there to pierce your ears, and create
overall a barbed wire hullabaloo for your favorite nightmares. Fascinating.

Another hint: Siouxsie And The Banshees in the 70s when they sounded like a
chainsaw while Suzy wailed all over it and you had no idea what she was actually
singing about. With song titles such as offset/its so noir, am i best gon’church drunk
and scarce silver Y I must admit that I have no clue either if 00_ wants to tell us

Third reference: young British lions Black Midi and Black Country, New Road.
Both bands also like to stop/start, turn left, come back and go right. And it all
makes sense in the end.

I suppose you may have a sonic idea of all oh nothing by now.

Stream/buy CA\YPTRA right here…

00_: Facebook