Melancholia In Motion – THE BANKROBBER Revealed New Video Clip For ‘CARRY ME ON’ Single

Clips for ears and eyes…

19 June 2021

Italian pop act THE BANKROBBER released
their newest single CARRY ME ON last month.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “New musing Carry Me On feels like a nightly
gloaming. Acoustic soul-searching and intimate tenderness. The darksome
sorrowfulness of the late great Buckley legends floats all over this gloomy
Giacomo Oberti ballad. The Bankrobber is back and still has the lockdown

And here’s the video clip for the song. As always, made with images fitting
the song’s heart and soul, with stylishness and refinement, visualizing the
tristesse of the protagonist in this one beautifully. Melancholia in motion.

Watch here…



19 May 2021

After the explosive Oasis split (2009) general Noel Gallagher
went on to form a band – High Flying Birds – to back him up
for his solo work and after 3 albums he thinks it(s already time
for a best of. That’s Noel G. for you.

The greatest hits record called Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)
– an 18-track collection (double CD or triple LP) – sees the day of light in June.

The album features also two new songs. A couple of weeks ago The Chief shared
on called We’re On Our Way Now. A characteristic Noel musing that thousands
will sing along on green fields.

Here comes the clip…


Out 11 June – order here

EVANESCENCE – New Clip For ‘BETTER WITHOUT YOU’ With Vox AMY LEE In The Melodramatic Middle

Clips that impress your eyes and ears…

23 April 2021

Who: Mega popular Goth/darkwave rockers from Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.
Active: 1995–present (hiatus: 2007–2009, 2012–2015) / 5 albums so far

New album: The Bitter Truth (stream below)

New video/single: BETTER WITH YOU
Vintage Evanescence haymaker. Metallic guitars,
titanic tune, and Amy Lee‘s voice going sky-high.

Watch her in melodramatic action.

Stream The Bitter Truth
LP in full here…


VIDEO TIME With The Spell-Binding Los Angeles Hellcats DEATH VALLEY GIRLS

Clips that impress your eyes and ears…

22 April 2021

Last October the fabtatsic garage rock hellcats DEATH VALLEY GIRLS returned from
their Los Angeles graves for their flabbergasting, third, album UNDER THE SPELL OF JOY. Sonically a different beast than the previous two longplayers. To Turn Up The Volume‘s hungry ears the DVG’s best and boldest work (so far).

To remind the world of this big LP, Death Valley Girls disclosed a new video for one of
the highlights Little Things. To remind the world of all three previous clips I decided
to show them all together, right here, starting with the fresh one, of course.

Dim the lights, take a big bucket of popcorn, and
let your eyes and ears have a spell-binding time





Stream/buy the full album here…

TUTV’s 2020 interview with Bonnie

The wonderful Amazon Bonnie Bloomagrden, in the middle, and her choir

JOHN & YOKO Giving Peace A Change In Previously Unseen Bed Footage

14 April 2021

Anti-war song GIVE PEACE A CHANGE was written by JOHN LENNON
(but credited to Lennon–McCartney) and recorded with his PLASTIC ONO
, including his wife Yoko Ono and a bunch of famous friends in
Montreal, Canada back in 1969.

Previously unseen footage has now come to the surface with John & Yoko
in the Sheraton Oceanus Hotel in the Bahamas a week before Montreal, while
on their bed-in tour, with Lennon playing a rough, at times crazy, version of
Give Peace A Chance.

Here we go…

Studio version…

Roller Skater LANA DEL REY With Video Clip For ‘WHITE DRESS’ From Her New LP

Clips that impress ears and eyes…

22 March 2021

Last Friday world-famous singer/songwriter LANA DEL REY
released her highly acclaimed, 7th album titled Chemtrails
Over The Country Club

Paste Magazine wrote: “It’s an enjoyable listen that cinematically celebrates
Del Rey’s vocal prowess. But perhaps most importantly, it places her front and
center as the scrappy protagonist no one expects to win. Victory is irrelevant,
however, since she is exactly where she belongs.”

Along with the LP’s release came a video clip for one
of the near-whispering ballads called WHITE DRESS.

Yes, Lana Del Rey knows how to roller skate

LANA DEL REY: Facebook

PINK ROOM Share New Flaming Video For Their Best Friend ‘HAIL SATAN’

Clips that impress your ears and eyes…

19 March 2021

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Last week crushing bulldozer PINK ROOM shocked
the world with their second LP called PUTAIN ROYALE.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “Rip-roaring lockdown paranoia. The essential
message of this new powerhouse album is loud and clear: noise-challenging turbo
Pink Room is here to stay! Their tsunami energy is beyond any decibel regulation.”

Attentive readers will immediately understand that this is one of the best
albums of 2021.

And here’s a fresh video clip. It’s a flaming one for my favorite track HAIL SATAN.
A merciless haymaker, a scrappy Molotov cocktail banging from start to finish like
a brutal sledgehammer. The mean Pink machine honors their best friend. Why?
The band’s favorite bar to get drunk is… hell!

Start the fire…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

PUTAIN ROYALE out now. Buy your copy here.


Clips that impress tour ears and eyes…

11 March 2021

Beth Jeans Houghton aka the utterly cool party animal Du Blonde
and androgynous songsmith Ezra Furman became playful partners
in rock-out crime with steaming single, I’m Glad That We Broke Up
and have now a crazy clip out to visualize the cracker.

Houghton says “Me and Ezra had so much fun making this track we
wanted to relive the experience by setting up greenscreens in our houses.
Hope you enjoy this trash pizza served up on a cold hard plate of digital
diarrhoea. The record was low budget, so it seemed fitting for the video
to be low budget as well.”

Erza: “Art is the meeting of an army of mewling demons and an army of light.
We Live and Love in a video culture of sin. The Sinternet is a World Wide Web
of toxic relationships and bad mojo. We made this as an antidote to snake venom.”

Watching both unconventional artists in the crazy video clip, it’s loud and clear for
your ears and eyes that the two-of-a-kind tandem have a big blast. Well, if your limbs
resist getting activated when seeing this we only do what we love to do duo, it’s time to
fire your gym coach and change your meds. Don’t worry be happy!

Go buy a banana and return to go nuts…

Du Blonde has a new album out in April. More info about Homecoming right here