Ardent Guitar Pop Band MARLOW Bedazzle With Terrific 4-Track EP

First-class extended plays

6 December 2021

Who: A five-piece band based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.
Comprised of Freddie (Vocals), Joe (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth)
and Liam (Drums) the band suck listeners into their world through
a dynamic surge and zesty, modern approach. Their music is purely
about a feeling, told from the depths of their hearts and delivered
with a hint of mystique.

Influences: Oasis, Tame Impala, The Strokes,
The Vaccines and The Courteeners


“The EP looks into a relationship breaking down. It’s about
riding out the sad, bad, mad times, in order to reach a place
of peace. Titled Enthusiast, as it takes a certain type of person
to be able get through the tough times and to look for the light.”

Turn Up The Volume: This 5-piece hit the big time with four ardent
pop sockdolagers. They bedazzle with reflective wholeheartedness
(Foreign Land / Fade In) with energetic pizzaz (Someone, Anyone) and
one of the best singles of 2021, I repeat, one of the best singles of
2021 with Blame It, an instant masterstroke with frontman Freddie
going out-of-his-mind on the epic chorus. Wow!

(Photo by Eva Pantel)

Video clips for…



You can blame anybody,
but not Marlow

Their enthusiasm is off the charts…

MARLOW: Facebook

Paranoid Party Dog LEG PUPPY Back In Da House With ‘FIVE’ Vibrant Vibrations

Extended Plays

22 November 2021

Who: Techno misfit from London


“Five tracks all over Five minutes, not one
mention of heartbreak, love and moving on!

Turn Up The Volume: This 5-track EP with five of Leg Puppy’s
Top-5 hits is what you need to kick another awful virus year in
the mouth mask face.

40 minutes of brainwashing dancefloor frenzy starting with the sassy
electro-rock stomper ‘Tears‘ delivered with trance-tastic Voi Vang vocals,
followed by a black paranoid sabbath orgy, a technotronic jam called NDA,
a schizophrenic Luid 23 juggernaut and a razzle-dazzle roller coaster doing
your dope profile in to end this Doomsday party.

FIVE is the EP to start and
end all Xmas diners with…

LEG PUPPY: Facebook

A Warm Americana Voice From Northern Ireland – LEE ROGERS Enchants With New EP ‘DARK NOTIONS’

Extended plays

8 November 2021


Who: Singer-songwriter from the small town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.
His musical inspiration was drawn from classic voices outside of the tensions in
his homeland. Bill Withers, Marc Cohen, Tom Waits, and the like were all bright colours
from a musical palette far away from the often-grim surroundings of Northern Ireland
at that time. Rogers’ voice and sound pull from the vast well of timeless Americana,
all the while underpinned by the authentic writings of his life and its surroundings.


Rogers: “I don’t like the idea of songs sitting silently on hard drives. These ones were
written to be heard and I kind of like that they don’t fit with anything else other than back
to back together on their own EP… For this EP I wanted to hark back a bit to the excitement
of holding a piece of music in your hands, reading sleeve notes, taking in the artwork and looking at something other than your phone while listening. There’s so much missing from
the whole experience these days. I still love the ritual of pulling a CD case open, or putting
the needle arm onto a record on the turntable, and I really think the contents of this EP
lend themselves perfectly to that.””

(photo by Ken Haddock)

Turn Up The Volume: This is high-quality songwriting. From riveting grooves
to soul-stirring balladry. Compelling stories, masterly arrangments, instantly
sticking melodiousness, and a magnific Americana voice. Arresting work.

Discover and enjoy all six beauties…

Besides the five original songs Rogers also included his remarkable cover of the 1977
Bee Gees’ massive disco hit Stayin’ Alive. Remarkable as he slows the song down in a mesmerizing way and because his warm and melancholic vox – instead of the brothers’ helium vocals – changes the resonance totally. A gem of a cover…

LEE ROGERS: Facebook

(Sublime EP artwork by Lee Rogers)

PEEPING DREXELS – Spend Some Bad Time With A New Fat White Family

3 November 2021

Who: Post-punk misfits from South London who announced their past UK gigs with this message: “Come through to the show of your liking to witness the degradation of our already poor physical and mental health in musical form.” Say no more.


This amazeballs extended play came out back in April, but before last Saturday night, I had never heard of this London gang of outcasts. But seeing them turning up the heat in the historic Paradiso Club in Amsterdam as part of the yearly (actually 2 editions per year) London Calling Festival, a showcase for up and coming bands (mostly from the UK), was pretty fucktastic and made them the talk of the night.

Why? If you start with some early Talking Heads‘ mania, followed by crashing Apocalypse drones, then you switch to some casual piano touches and 60s echoing guitars, and you end in a depressive lullaby way and you do all of this in one song with a flabbergasting resonance you’ll understand why the whole venue went apeshit and left their sweat on
the beer-drained floor for the whole wall-of-barbwire-sledgehammer-beats and post-punk orgasms filled gig.

Need a reference? Last Saturday Peeping Drexels made me feel what I felt so many times when seeing their mates Fat White Family slash and trash stages. You know, that feeling of pumped-up confidence to go out in the street and kick some fascists’ asses. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Enough talking. Do your miserable post-lockdown state of
mind a favour and buy yourself some more BAD TIME.

Right here, right now…


Well, my camera went apeshit too, last Saturday night

Brighton Dream Pop Duo SEADOG Released Their New 6-Track EP ‘FOOLHARDY’

25 October 2021

(Zara Pears)

Who: Brighton-based project of musician/songwriter
Mark Benton and Tom Chadd along with their eclectic
troupe of performers.

Released: 22 October 2021

Turn Up The Volume: One track (Foolhardy) was recorded in a studio,
one was (Old Joe) taped live at St. George’s Church in Brighton and three
pieces (Deadweights / Tidal Wave / Foolhardy) were canned while in quarantine
last year and one is a remix from the title track.

Seadog are daydreamers who translate their reflections into floaty pop melodies,
with Old Joe as my standout favorite. Smooth synths and starry-eyed vocals fortify
the overall relaxing atmosphere. Feeling blue? Than this EP is a fitting companion.

A bewitching live version of Old Joe

A creepy video clip for the title track Foolhardy

Full EP on Spotify…

SEADOG: Facebook

Signs Of The Times – British Indie Rockers CRUX Impress With New EP ‘DEATH AT THE CASH MACHINE’

19 October 2021

Band: CRUX (great title)
Who: Up and coming indie
rockers from Newcastle, UK


CRUX: “We’ve tried to capture different aspects of the chaos and despair that penetrates modern living drawing on a number of themes, from zero-hour contracts and austerity to sexual predators and dodgy nights out. Some of the songs are particularly character-driven, with ‘Radgie Gadgie’ and ‘Incel’ both being based on real people, but also on archetypes we’re all familiar with in our day-to-day lives.”

(Photo by Chris Ord)

Turn Up The Volume: History, unfortunately, repeats itself over and over again.
The past few years greedy power-addicted charlatans (the likes of Trump, Johnson, Erdogan, and Orbán) got elected by a scary majority of autocracy-supporting people. Sexism, racism, and inequality are back from never being away. Add the devastating coronavirus crisis and the never-ending nuclear race and it looks as if the world is
heading towards self-destruction.

Crux tackle most of those inhuman issues and more in this 6-track extended play,
lyrically and sonically. From the pumped-up Royal Blood-like stomper Living In Dystopia
on they ignite all cylinders. Smashing slam Big Market (do I hear echoes of prog-rockers
Yes track To Be Over track of their 1974 album Relayer here in the intro) rocks hard.

Furious whirlwind stormers Incel and Radgie Gadgie speed up your bloodstream
while the decibels reach an illegal level. Slaving Away has a glowing glam groove with
an instant impact on your body langue and closer Agent Orange is a tremendous tour
de force combining The Black Keys drones, a wham bloody wham-bam chorus, and a surprising, classical choir climax. A spectacular finale of a spectacular EP.

The scary signs of our modern times led Crux to a far-out EP triumph.



Stream full EP here…

CRUX: Facebook – Instagram

Shake Your Ska Booty On Halloween – MENTO BURU Take Care Of The Music With ‘SKAWOLLEEN’ EP

13 October 2021

Who: A 7-piece band from Bakersfield, CA that combining an energetic blend of Latin alternative, Jamaican SKA, and reggae sounds. Veterans of ska music’s hyperactive nineties third wave, the group has released music on the Moon Ska and Steady Beat record labels. The band’s name refers to two forms of early Jamaican folk music styles, which make up the rhythmic foundation of what would become ska and reggae music in the 1960s.

(photo by Jeremy Gonzalez)


Info: A six-song Extended Play of reimagined Halloween music classics originally recorded and released by Bakersfield Sound icons Buck Owens and Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads.

Turn Up The Volume: Just leave your death metal albums on the shelf this year with Halloween. Why? With this steaming EP you can organise also a moshpit with your friends. But instead of banging you’re heads against each other with concussions as a result, you can safely go Ska bonkers now. Warning: don’t fall over your feet while shuffling them like crazy and while shaking your booty too fast, or you’ll have the same painful outcome as with your metalloween havoc.

Join the special(s) madness here…

MENTO BURO: Facebook

(design by ERock)

British Post-Punk Revolters SHATTERCONES Unleash Demons On New EP ‘THIS SEPTIC ISLE’

11 October 2021

Who: Frustrated noiseniks from London

Released: 1st October via Gare Du Nord Records.

When their fulminating single Butterly Room came out (an acrimonious
reflection on the state of chaotic Brexit England) I called these four raging
post-punk revolters the Four Horsemen of the Great Britain Apocalypse. Their
second EP confirms this description with unbridled intenseness and stunning
songwriting bringing the sinister force of The Birthday Party to mind.

Opener Ghoul Driver sets the tremendously torrid tone of this jaw-dropping
extended play. It’s an ominous trance-like outburst that threatens to explode
any second with a nervous violin initiating the expected blood-and-guts finale.

Say Goodbye both surprises and impresses with its longing Mexican tango
melodiousness. Melancholic trumpets, a weeping violin, and banjo-like guitar
gusto. And again the vocals are utterly impassioned. A touching video clip
visualizes this heavy-hearted gem.

As said above Butterfly Room is a fulminating blast and closer The Man Ate
progresses at a funeral pace. Lamenting and dolesome. Seems
like capitalism is the deceased.

Conclusion: one of the most fascinating EPs I heard all year.

Stream/buy here…


Smells Like Psychobilly Punk Spirit – Discover New EP By Swedish Misfits HUX FLUX

4 October 2021

Who: A quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden. They call their reverby sound ‘Trashdance’, influenced by punk, dance music and garage rock. They produced by legendary Detroit producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Sonics, Dirt Bombs etc).


“Our personal influencers are a bit different, but as a band I would say that
Thee Oh Sees inspire us on the experimental part, Night Beats for the overall
sound, and The Coathangers for the versatility and attitude. We take our
music very seriously, but as ourselves we are more of the playful types.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect four glorious chaotic psychobilly grooves
à la slash and trash legends The Cramps, sounding as if they were recorded
in a filthy basement far away from a thing called studio. Smells like punk spirit.

No arty-farty nonsense for Hux Flux whose frontwoman’s voice balances
somewhere between a Riot grrl version of Betty Boop and a young Marianne
smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Devilish cool, right? Absolutely.

Check your stereo before you press play

HUX FLUX: Facebook

Nightclubs Are Open Again – Here Comes ERASURE

2 October 2021

Who: Famous electro-dance duo featuring singer Andy Bell
and synth maestro Vince Clarke (who started his career with
Depeche Mode, left and formed Yazoo and then started Erasure).

Active: 1985-present / 18 studio albums so far, with
the 2020 LP The Neon as the most recent one.


New EP: NE: EP
Released: Yesterday (1 October 2021)
just out of the blue without prior noise.

Turn Up The Volume: As if it was planned (probably so) brand new
Erasure stuff sees the light of the day now the nightclubs reopened
recently, the duo’s natural habitat. So they do what they always did/do,
writing sparkling synth stimulants to activate you for some dancefloor
action. This 5-track EP will do the job easily.

your moves here…

ERASURE: Facebook