CROWD OF CHAIRS – Belgian Noisemakers With New Demonic Jam ‘PAPERGUTS’…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Paperguts’ by CROWD OF CHAIRS


From my hometown Ghent (Belgium) please welcome CROWD OF CHAIRS. Three mental noisemakers describing their muscled havoc as: “A mixture of rough deep-blowing guitar waves, loud hyperkinetic drums and careless yells combined with some kind of hypnotic singing. Some say fist pumping others say pissed mumbling. We don’t really care.” They certainly walk
it like they talk it. New track PAPERGUTS is a nasty dragon with several heads: a deranged bass, fast forward drums, venomous guitar and incomprehensible rants. The final result:
a demonic noise jam to mess up your mind! Hallelujah! About time to throw some chairs through your neighbour’s window. Here we go…

CROWD OF CHAIRS: More outbursts – Facebook

Go Ballistic With IT IT ANITA – Agaaiin and Agaaiin…

On our stereo…


‘Agaaiin’ by IT IT ANITA


This mind-boggling four-piece out of Liege, Belgium released their new album AGAAIIN
last November. If you really want it LOUD & HEAVY come in, have a seat and check this thunderous engine out. High-voltage guitar frenzy loaded with muscled power chords, electrifying riffs and a manic madman on drums. Boisterous stuff! And …on top of it all raging vocals testing your ears’ flexibility. Sounds pretty mental, doesn’t it? You bet. I saw them playing live a couple of times in the past months and they blew me and many other affected spectators off their feet. Since then I have ‘Agaaiin’ on repeat on my stereo. A knockout from start to finish! Here’s the monster in full…

IT IT ANITA: Facebook – Twitter


Hammer time in Brussels… (Botanique, Brussels – 9 February)



(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Swedish Band MANKIND After Meeting THE VELVET UNDERGOUND’s Man…


I recently discovered this Swedish band called MANKIND. Judging by their new single ART PROSTITUTE (featured on this week’s Seven In The Mix!) this quartet moves in mysterious ways. Those dark, obscure, psychedelic ways I really like. The B-side of the aforementioned new track – a cover of The Velvet Underground ‘s I’M WAITING FOR MY MAN – will show you exactly what I mean. Their extended version is something special. I’m absolutely sure that the band recorded this jam in one take AFTER they met THE MAN! Oh yeah, the first four minutes sound sloppy and stoned. Also loud, nasty and damn cool. And then a sort of The Doors’ The End outro comes on and lasts for about six minutes as if nobody had any idea when to stop. Final result: a doped VU cover! Experience the Stockholm madness here (warning: don’t watch the clip from too close or you might get seasick or high)…

MANKIND: Facebook – Soundcloud

The Stockholm Underground…

Texan Rockers SPOON Share New Groovy Track From Upcoming Album – Here’s… ‘CAN I SIT NEXT TO YOU’

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…



Texan rockers SPOON , led by dynamic frontman/songwriter Britt Daniel will release their 9th album HOT THOUGHTS on 17 March via Matador Records. After already sharing the title track some weeks ago here’s another new one. CAN I SIT NEXT TO YOU is a damn cool funky beast. Sexy and groovy. Bouncy and high-powered. C’mon shake those hips…

SPOON: Website – Facebook

Artwork new album HOT THOUGHTS – Out 17 March…

Tour dates here

Shoegaze Legends RIDE Return With New Electrifying Stroke – Here’s… ‘CHARM ASSAULT’


‘Charm Assault’ by RIDE


British shoegaze legends RIDE returned two years ago, after breaking up in 1996, for a series of live shows and started to work on a new album afterwards. No release date is announced yet but it’ll sound “Equal parts Motörhead and William Basinski” joked the band while recording. Anyway here’s their first new song in more than twenty years. CHARM ASSAULT is a solid pulsating cracker colored with glimmering guitars, driven by pounding drums and spiced with an energetic chorus. Ride is totally back and they bloody rock!

RIDE: Facebook – Twitter – Discography


COSMONAUTS Build Wall-Of-Mind-Bending-Psych-Sound in Belgium…


COSMONAUTS – Café Charlatan – Ghent, Belgium – 19 February 2017


Californian quartet COSMONAUTS released their fourth album last summer, titled A-OK! One of the best 2016 long-players in my book. More versatile than their previous work. From amplified pop punk to swirling psychedelia. A soundtrack for different moods. What the hell! Let the music do the talking…

Last Sunday they played my hometown Ghent (Belgium) in a packed club, as part of their European tour. Live the band create a wall-of-mind-bending-psych-sound. A nasty, yet melodic melting pot of noise à la The Jesus and Mary Chain used to fabricate in the 90s. Even gripping, intimate ballad ‘Party At Sunday’ from the new album got a mountain-of-decibels treatment. But, unfortunately, most of the time the specific color and spirit of each of the songs got lost in the band’s battle with the cracking PA. This time louder
didn’t mean better.



COSMONAUTS: Facebook – Twitter

The Lunatics Are Ready To Take Over The Asylum – Here’s ELEFANT With New Track… MUMBO JUMBO

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


The lunatics of Belgian metallic Kraut motherrockers ELEFANT are back with a new doom boom. On MUMBO JUMBO their funky punky sludge machine roars more accessible than before thanks to some sticky Devo-esque guitar parts & wacko keyboards. Beware, ladies and gents, as I already warned you before these weirdos just want to seduce us all with their mind-twisting thunder as their ultimate goal is to take over this giant asylum, called Mother Earth and to make us dance exactly like them, like a bunch of doped fruitcakes…

ELEFANT: Facebook – More Mental Video Clips – Bandcamp