SUNFLOWER BEAN Back With Easy-Going Pop Thrill ‘BABY DONT’ CRY’

14 October 2021

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Who: Guitar pop trio out of New York City

Since the release of second album Twentytwo In Blue 3 years ago,
the band disappeared into the night. But, wait, they’re back now with
a new single titled BABY DON’T CRY. A harbinger for a new full length?
We’ll see/hear.

About the new tune: “So many things in our lives are disposable. Content
and news are consumed and discarded leaving us unfulfilled. “Baby Don’t Cry”
is about enjoying the real. The things right in front of us that give us meaning
and how sometimes, even sad songs can give you that warm feeling of hope.”

Baby Don’t Cry is SB by numbers. An easy-going
and sugary mid-tempo pop thrill to hum along.

Enjoy here…


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