Run SOFA Duo Unleashes Stream Of Jagged Jams On New Longplayer ‘FACE IT’

12 October 2021

Band: run SOFA
Who: Two rap-rolling rockers from Belgium
References: Sleaford Mods, Show Me The Body,
Suuns, Slint
and others

New Album: FACE IT
The duo’s second full length
after their 2018 debut Sway.

Info: “The album was recorded “behind closed doors” during the quarantine,
the two cousins wanted more than ever to go back to basics and be as raw and
truthful as possible. The repetitive and minimalist bass lines make the spine of
all the tracks, to which they add creaky guitar riffs and hypnotic drums. The lead
voice is unique and frank, speaking scathing and ironic lyrics.”

Turn Up The Volume: A bass, a guitar, a drum, and a voice are all you need to
fabricate a great record, right? Well, if you use all the equipment the right way
like Run SOFA does it right here. No arty-farty nonsense and no niminy-piminy
production for this chill and thrill tandem.

They move and groove relentlessly with jagged jams jumping forth and back
somewhere between Cypress Hill‘s dope beats (I Point The Finger / Pop Up / Image
Of A Mobster
), Sleaford Mods‘ mesmeric minimalism (Blood / I Point The Finger /
Selfish Turd
) and Insane Clown Posse‘s sickly sticky slams (Face It / I Watch
In There

The repetitive rhythmic rants have an intoxicating effect just the way Kraurrock
messes with your mind without mercy. Everywhere the motorik banging bass, the glimmering guitar, the thumping drum, and the vitriolic voice join forces to get your
lazy ass out of your lazy bed and hop around like a kangaroo on drugs. Let’s face it
this is an irresistible stream of adrenaline-injected vibes, a top record. Watch your
backs Run The Jewels, Run Sofa is breathing down your necks, dudes.

Singles/clips: I Point The Finger / Pop Up


– POP UP –

Stream/buy ‘Face It’ here…

RUN SOFA: Facebook

Mini band, maxi result

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