GENE VINCENT – One Of The Pioneers Of Rock-A-Billy Died 50 Years Ago Today

Top singles from the past

12 October 2021

Gene Vincent, born Vincent Eugene Craddock, was one of the pioneers of ‘rock ‘n roll
and rockabilly. With his band The Blue Caps he scored many hit singles between 1956
and 1970. He had charisma, bravado, swagger, a dashing guitar and shaking hips. His nickname was The Screaming End.

Unfortunately, he died 50 years ago today, on 12 October 1971 from a combination
of a ruptured ulcer, internal haemorrhage and heart failure. He was only 36.

To remember the rock hero we can Be-Bop-A-Lula once more. The groundbreaking debut single was written by himself and his manager, Bill “Sheriff Tex” Davis, and later covered by several artists such as Queen, Stray Cats, Suicide and yes, Boney M.

On record…



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