Disco Time With Funk Punks WARMDUSCHER And Their New Motherrocker Single ‘WILD FLOWERS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 October 2021

Who: Swirling post-punk-funk gang coming out of London

New single: WILD FLOWERS

Clams Baker Jr (frontman/songwriter): “I kept doing that freaking track over
and over, trying to do a kind of Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime” thing. Then I
just got to a point where I was like, ‘Ugh! Fuck this and fuck these motherfuckers!’

Turn Up The Volume: London’s funk punk gang is gearing up for their big
breakthrough album. First taster ‘Wild Flowers’ is a trippy bass-driven disco
groove you can sway your hips to in the morning while waking up, in the
evening while getting drunk, and during the day when you’re getting bored.

Meanwhile modern-day James Brown frontman Clams Baker Jr does an attempt
to beat Al Pacino‘s record of spitting and sneering ‘fucks’ when he played fucking
Tony Montana in the fucking cocaine crime classic Scarface.

Do the salamander, folks…


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