Brooklyn Popsters COLATURA Invite Us To ‘THE MET’

New striking strokes

12 October 2021

(Credit: Justin Buschard)

Who: Indie pop/rock trio
from Brooklyn, New York

New single: THE MET
The second single from Brooklyn trio Colatura’s upcoming debut LP,
due in early 2022. The Met, like the rest of the upcoming album, was
written collaboratively during the COVID quarantine.

“You ever have one of those “take yourself on a date” solo days that’s supposed
to be empowering – a big middle finger to the dating world – but turns into something altogether the opposite? It’s a beautiful day, you’re alone walking the halls of the Met
museum, taking in culture, searching for inspiration, but with no one by your side to
share it with you struggle to find the beauty in any of the art and instead get lost
in your own head.”

Turn Up The Volume: Instantly effective pop tunes like these make me smile
from left to right and back. Shiny guitars with shoegazy sparks, a dizzy-making
rhythm, happy-go-lucky sentiments, and seducing vocals. A song that would
turn Taylor Swift into an indie star.

Don’t need more to make my day. What about you?

Let’s all skip to The Met Museum

Also on Spotify / COLATURA: Facebook

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