Coming Soon… DAVE GAHAN AND THE SOULSAVERS With Covers Album

8 October 2021

Who: Side project of Depeche Mode’s frontman
that produced 2 studio albums so far.

New Album: IMPOSTER – covers LP
Release: 12th November 2021

Gahan: “When I listen to other people’s voices and songs, more importantly,
the way they sing them and interpret the words—I feel at home. I identify with it.
It comforts me more than anything else. There’s not one performer on the record
who I haven’t been moved by. I know we made something special, and I hope other
people feel that and it takes them on a little kind of trip – especially people who
love music and have for years.””

Trailer for the album…


01 The Dark End of the Street (Chips Moman and Dan Penn)
02 Strange Religion (Mark Lanegan)
03 Lilac Wine (James Shelton)
04 I Held My Baby Last Night (Jules Bihari and Elmore James)
05 A Man Needs a Maid (Neil Young)
06 Metal Heart (Cat Power)
07 Shut Me Down (Rowland S. Howard)
08 Where My Love Lies Asleep (Gene Clark)
09 Smile (Charlie Chaplin, John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons)
10 The Desperate Kingdom of Love (PJ Harvey)
11 Not Dark Yet (Bob Dylan)
12 Always on My Mind (John Lee Christopher, Jr., Mark James and Wayne Thompson)

First cut…

Original – Cat Power…


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