Scottish Jukebox Duo ACTING STRANGE Released Killer Album ‘STAYING HERE’

7 October 2021

Who: Indie rockers from East Kilbride, Scotland

New album: STAYING HERE – 2nd LP
Released: 19 September 2021 – available via Apple Music

Turn Up The Volume: If stadium rockers The Killers need new songs to let their fans go ballistic, there are several earworms here for the taking (Staying Here / Baby, I Don’t What You’re Thinking Punchin’ / New Company). Add some instantly infectious power Britpop melodies (Up My Tree / My Kind Of Girl), some slower reflections (Up My Tree / Girl Of Mine) and a crazy clap your hands and stamp your feet stomper to end this jukebox party and you know you have a winner. Acting Strange excels in writing hooky gems with an on-the-spot impact. They master all the right tricks to get you in an ecstatic state and you’ll learn a lot about girls.

Killer tunes. Killer punches. Killer album. Stay here and listen.

Singles: Staying Here

Stream full LP here…


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