SUEP – Combo Of Kooks Drops Kooky Pop Debut Single ‘DOMESTICATED DREAM’

6 October 2021

Band: SUEB
Who: A stubbornly high spirited combo creating oddball music with
a touch of theatrical storytelling. Led by SuepLord (Porridge Radio, Garden
Centre, The GN Band
) and Brain Wastefield (UK top model) SUEP is borne
out of a near-decade of wearing silly clothes and deconstructing pop


SuepLord: “It’s about not having enough money or time to acquire stuff
that you want because of capitalism, and about wanting someone to share
your life with in a cosy and settled way.”

Turn Up The Volume
: The horrible pandemic times led to an avalanche
of lockdown blues songs and countless artists covering other artists as if
they were too lazy to write new music, despite all the time on their hands.
Now that the virus crisis is under control, I want to have some mindless fun.

Enter SUEP. A British combo of kooks playing kooky music. Their debut
single resonates like a let’s get old together lullaby for 20st Century people,
born futureless who share a dance on Saturday nights when their favorite
radio show comes on. Home, sweet home. Yippie Yayee, all the way.

Ring your cowbell here…

SUEP: Twitter

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