STRAND OF OAKS – Heart & Soul Stirring Sentiments With 7th Album ‘IN HEAVEN’

6 October 2021

Who: The musical project of singer/songwriter
Timothy Showalter from Indiana, now based in Austin, Texas.
Active: Since 2003 / 7 studio albums so far (including the new one)

New album: IN HEAVEN
Released: 1 October 2021

Showlater: “In Heaven was created with so much love and my greatest
hope is that it connects with people and provides a momentary space for
reflection, joy, catharsis and whatever else someone might be looking for
in their life. Music is magic and I feel like the luckiest person in the world
that I’m allowed to share it.”

Stereogum says: “Showalter’s new album In Heaven is both a synthesis and
a maturation. The songs came to him in sparse, acoustic forms. In their earliest
iterations as demos, they suggested an Oaks that was a lot more restrained than
the fire-breathing rocker Showalter had fashioned himself as from Heal through
Hard Love and onto Eraserland. With that trilogy behind him, Showalter took the
lessons from those years but also rediscovered core elements of the music he always
wanted to make. A little more rustic, but still cosmic; a little more organic, but still
Full review and interview with Showlater right here.

Turn Up The Volume: The glow of Bruce Springsteen, the Americana vitality
of Band Of Horses, and the electricalness of Eagle Joe Walsh. Eleven, beautifully,
crafted top singer-songwriter quality compositions. Heart-and-soul stirring
sentiments, heartwarming melancholia, and Showalter’s heavenly voice as
the perfect companion for the winter days to come.

In Heaven does what it was made for. To make people feel alive again after
the isolating lockdown times, optimistic and yes, comforted. A sepia-colored
diamond of a record.

Singles: Galacticana / Jimi & Stan / Somewhere In Chicago

(Gripping live version)



Stream buy ‘In Heaven’ here…

STRAND OF OAKS: WebsiteFacebook

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