Riff-Roaring Rockabilly With Ass-Shaking JESSE STONE CREATCHMAN Single

Daily food to boost your mood

6 October 2021

Who: Singer/songwriter/rocker from Montreal

New album: RADIO DEATH’S
Release: Next month


“The song depicts a hairy episode in the artists past in which Jesse, following the
dissolution of his marriage, escapes from New York City seeking refuge amongst
the horse & buggies of the Quaker state. It’s a fish out of water story except in this
version, Jesse (the fish) gets caught in the jaws of a thirsty female shark.”

Turn Up The Volume: The swing and shake swagger of Eddie Cochran, the surfin’
guitar electricity of Link Wray and the fervent fire of Bo Diddley. Get the punchy
picture? So what are you still doing on your lazy couch?

Get up, stand up and get your black leather jacket and those Beatles boots out of the closet, and shake your ass when Jesse Stone Creatchman blasts out of your trembling speakers while you watch – sweating – the accompanying clip with sexy burlesque
dancing sensation Lavender May . Press play and drool!

Right here, right now…


One comment

  1. Joanne Hutchinson · 20 Days Ago

    Very cool Jesse! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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