Goosebumps Gloominess – STEFANIE PARNELL Stuns With Her New Single/Clip ‘BREATHE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

5 October 2021

Who: Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec,
Parnell is an insightful, refined, and melodically
driven Canadian singer/songwriter. Her music will
leave you feeling comforted by the dissonant chords
and melancholic lyrics.

Debut EP: MODERN TRAGEDY – out 15th October 2021


Parnell: “It started off as an instrumental track that my DJ friend,
Morbin, sent me in hopes for a collaboration. After the first listen,
the vocal melody came to me right away. At the time, I was going
through unforeseen health issues which naturally provoked intense
episodes of anxiety. The lyrics allowed me to ease my mind of the
paralyzing thoughts.”

Turn Up The Volume: The vocal gloominess you experience here
causes goosebumps. Parnell‘s expressive voice is the stunning star
of this heavyhearted ballad. You can really feel the tenseness and
melodrama at play. Emotive voice Angel Olsen comes to mind. A truly
gripping discovery.

And just as the sorrowing song, the single’s artwork (by Lee Thorburn
and Bryan Wilkat
) and the creepy video clip are fascinating too.

In the light I can see you
In the dark I can feel you
When you’re in front of me, I can’t read you
You’re a part of me but I don’t need you

Listen/Watch here…

You can buy Breathe via Bandcamp.


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