Sensual And Seducing SIOBAMM Haunts Her Male Prey With ‘PICK YR POISON’

New striking strokes

4 October 2021

Who: Canadian indie rocker, Derby-enthusiast,
and Roller Skating fanatic

Single/video: PICK YR POISON.

Siobamm: “I wrote this song with the idea of a revenge fantasy in mind:
a woman speaking to a man she knows wants to hurt her. The woman turns
the situation around and becomes the predator, hunting and taunting her
male prey.”

Turn Up The Volume: This deep bass-drone driven stomper moves like
a serpent in disguise on a don’t mess with me mission. Siobamm‘s voice
sounds sensual and seducing but doesn’t let that fool you. She warns
you with her crystal clear message while the repetitious beat gets under
your skin, slowly but surely.


Pick Yr Posion is part of her new 4-track Gloom Patrol EP

SIOBAMM: Instagram

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