AMY WINEHOUSE – Second And Final Album ‘BACK IN BLACK’ Released 15 Years Ago Today

Back in time

4 October 2021

Artist: AMY WINEHOUSE (London)
14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

Anniversary album: BACK TO BLACK
Her second and final LP
Released: 4 October 2006 – 15 years ago today
Score: #1 in the UK and several European countries,
#2 in the US, #4 in Australia

The Guardian (famous British newspaper) named it (in 2019) the best album of the 21st Century: “Nothing about debut album ‘Frank’ suggested that its creator was going to make a genuinely epochal masterpiece. Something had happened to Amy Winehouse in the three years that separated her second album from her debut: skinny, covered in tattoos, dressed like a cartoon of a 60s girl-group member – complete with a vertiginous beehive modelled on that of the Ronettes’ Ronnie Spector – she was almost unrecognisable. The lyrics of its lead single suggested that whatever had happened wasn’t good – no one pleads with you to go to rehab if your life is in perfect shape – but the music was so ebullient you could easily overlook that… Her sound had changed as dramatically as her appearance: with Frank’s producer Salaam Remi joined by Mark Ronson, then a virtual unknown, Back to Black offered an update of 60s soul and girl-group pop. Characteristically self-effacing, Ronson has suggested that his primary contribution to the album was keeping Winehouse out of the pub, but in reality his decision to relocate the recording sessions to Brooklyn’s analogue Daptone studios and employ its house band, the Dap-Kings, was a masterstroke.”

Turn Up The Volume: Great voice, great tunes, great looks.
Sad story, sad addiction, sad loss.

Key single

Full album…


To celebrate the anniversary, a picture disc of the album will
see the day of light on 15th October. Pre-order info here.

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