Nightclubs Are Open Again – Here Comes ERASURE

2 October 2021

Who: Famous electro-dance duo featuring singer Andy Bell
and synth maestro Vince Clarke (who started his career with
Depeche Mode, left and formed Yazoo and then started Erasure).

Active: 1985-present / 18 studio albums so far, with
the 2020 LP The Neon as the most recent one.


New EP: NE: EP
Released: Yesterday (1 October 2021)
just out of the blue without prior noise.

Turn Up The Volume: As if it was planned (probably so) brand new
Erasure stuff sees the light of the day now the nightclubs reopened
recently, the duo’s natural habitat. So they do what they always did/do,
writing sparkling synth stimulants to activate you for some dancefloor
action. This 5-track EP will do the job easily.

your moves here…

ERASURE: Facebook

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