NEIL YOUNG Released Another (Double) LIVE Album – ‘CARNEGIE HALL 1970’

2 October 2021

Active: Since 1963 / 75 years old /
40 studio LPs and tons of live ones

New live album: CARNEGIE HALL 1970
Released: 1st October 2021 – order info here.
It’s the registration of a show at the legendary
Carnegie Hall
in New York on 4 December 1970.

AllMusic says: “Any Young completist will need Carnegie Hall 1970,
but it’s a special performance that can be appreciated by more casual
listeners as well. Alone at the microphone, the purity, simplicity, and
one-of-a-kind magic of some of Neil Young’s best songs come into view
in a way that’s undeniable.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Was I waiting for another live album? No, but as a devoted Neil Young fan I’ll have always a listen when that another live LP arrives, and every time I have more than one listen. Why? Firstly, he’s one of the most appealing singer/songwriters in music history. Secondly, I never get tired of Young‘s human voice. His way of singing, his way of phrasing, just bewitching. And (so far) all of his live recordings are of a high-quality level of registration. Here, a solo/acoustic performance shows again Young is a genuine heart and soul artist. What more can you ask for?

Sing it, Neil…

All his live albums.

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