PRINCE Released Topnotch Album ‘DIAMONDS AND PEARLS’ 30 Years Ago

Back in time

30 September 2021

Artist: PRINCE
June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016
Made 40 studio albums with lost album
Welcome 2 America as the most recent one,
released last July.

Anniversary album: DIAMOND AND PEARLS – 13th LP
Released: 1 October 1991 – 30 years ago
Score: #1 in the US and Australia, #2 in the UK

Pitchfork said: “By 1991, Prince’s unsurpassed run of brilliance had ended, but he still
had a lot of great music in him. Diamonds and Pearls had a clutch of future classics along
with some odd experiments… As with all the greatest pop stars, Prince was a master at simplifying life’s most complicated emotions into catchphrases. He encompassed lust, jealousy, fear, spirituality, avarice, the impulse to run away, and the need to strip everything to its core—sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. The man who believed in everlasting love died alone and childless, adored by almost the entire world. A song like “Diamonds and Pearls” illustrates why. For all the flamboyance and idiosyncrasy, Prince just wanted the same things as everyone else.”
Full review here. Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: “One word. Genius”

Singles/clips: Get Off / Cream / Diamonds And Girls




Full album…

PRINCE: All Albums – Website

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