MOONWOOD – Australian Band Hits The Bull’s Eye With Their Epic Stadium Belter ‘SLOW DOWN’

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28 September 2021

Who: Sydney-based band made of five friends
from Australia, the United States and Canada
Influences: The National, The 1975 and Kings of
, with elements of Bruce Springsteen and
U2’s enrapturing storytelling

New single: SLOW DOWN
Great piece from their upcoming EP

“The song narrates a struggling relationship, the tension surrounding conflict and striving
for repair. Touching on the differences of two individuals, the song speaks of love, patience
and tolerance, sonically building throughout and reflecting the tension in the relationship.
The relatable track navigates the need to resolve and repair the miscommunication between two lovers, which is a result of their unspoken issues and individual contrasts.”

Turn Up The Volume: It’s been a while since I heard an epic belter that evokes
an image on the screen in my head of a massive stadium filled with a sea of people holding their phones up with shining lights and scream at the top of their lungs.

This powerful love ballad starts tenderly with piano and acoustic guitar and affective vocals but slowly but surely the passion, the fervor and the overall orchestration grows towards an orgiastic peak with glowing guitar ardency and a vocally pumped-up
chorus before closing with a hushed outro.

To those who perceive this bittersweet symphony as too soft: get real and show your emotions, it won’t hurt. Coldplay‘s maestro Chris Martin will envy the anthemic force of
this sonic standout. One message to Moonwod: when you play Slow Down live make it
last for at least 10 minutes.

Take your phone and shine a light…

MOONWOOD: Facebook

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