THE ELECTRIC PETALS At Midnight In The City – Hear New Single ‘CHERRY RED’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 September 2021

Who: A pop/rock trio with a sound that came together
in the summer of 2020. They record at a log cabin studio
on an island in Temagami, Canada.

New single: CHERRY RED

“Cherry Red” explores the exotic feeling of venturing through an
unknown city alone and stumbling into a hole in the wall that turns
into a classic night. You feel energized and free, dancing in a room
where you can only make out dark silhouettes. An ode to Iggy Pop.
A ‘76-77 period piece set when David Bowie and Iggy Pop were
producing ‘The Idiot’ and ‘Lust for Life’ albums together in Berlin.”

Turn Up The Volume: This slow-moving groove makes you want to go out
and stroll late at night in a big city when the neon lights are on and normal
people are asleep. A sultry saxophone creates an image of which people do
wander around when the darkness sets in.

Ever seen the classic movie Taxidriver? With Robert De Niro playing the leading role,
a troubled taxidriver working all night long in New York City driving all sorts of weird passengers around while a sensual saxophone sounds like an invitation for a wild nightclub visit. Tempting atmosphere, tempting song.

Roll the tape…


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