SONIC TIDES Impress With Boisterous Debut EP ‘SIX SIDED SQUARE – 1st’

27 September 2021

Band: SONIC TIDES (Liege)
Who: Belgian 5-piece that produces a big subversive sound
ranging from noise rock to psychedelic. You can dive into their
duality between dissonant sounds and hypnotizing and
neurotic harmonies.

(photo: Gaux Mar)

Info: “The release of this EP is the result of the group’s work during the pandemic,
traveling between several atmospheres; frantic and dissonant sounds of “Foreseen
Failure” to melancholy vocal harmonies and the soaring atmosphere of “Through
My Bones”. This debut EP offers a glimpse into the alternate universe of Sonic Tides.”

About the artwork: “We were fortunate enough to be able to work with Robby Staebler
aka UVWAYS (All Them Witches) for the artwork for the first EP. We have always greatly appreciated his creations and visuals. He made the artwork for the EP directly from our
music. It was both an honor and a pleasure to be able to collaborate with him.”

Turn Up The Volume: From noise bulldozer Foreseen Failure to Black Sabbath
drone with a blues edge The Grass Grows. From bass-driven slo-mo jam Disruption
to quiet/Loud/quiet tour de force Through my Bones that leaves you behind, puzzled
and dazed with your ears ringing for a couple of minutes. An intense experience.

Top debut EP.

Test your speakers here…


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