BLACKOUT ORCHESTRA – Toronto Duo Magnetizes With New Single ‘IT’S FINE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

26 September 2021

Who: Alt-rock duo featuring primary songwriter
Ben VanBuskirk, and singer Morgan Thompson-Reid

New single: IT’S FINE

“It’s Fine” examines themes of jealousy and insecurity in open relationships
through multiple frames of reference to paint a sonic portrait unlike any other.
The song celebrates self-reflection and personal growth in a relatable way while
acknowledging seemingly insurmountable internal challenges.”

Turn Up The Volume: Not an easy issue to write a song about, but embedded
in a rolling riff ripper like this, it’s fine. Impossible to resist this sickly sticky groove
spinning around like forever inviting you to pirouette yourself dizzy while duet vocals
push the pace. No pause, no breathing space, no interval, always straight on.

Trust me, one spin and you’re hooked.

Feel fine here…

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