JULZ SALE From Post Punk Band DELTA 5 (1979-1981) Passed Away

23 September 2021

Sad news (again). Only a couple of days after the announcement
of the passing of Richard H. Kirk, co-founder of Cabaret Voltaire
comes a statement now via Variety:

Julz Sale, co-founder and singer/guitarist of Delta 5, whose 1980 indie hit
“Mind Your Own Business” saw an unexpected revival when it was used in
an Apple ad earlier this year, has died, Variety has confirmed via the band’s
U.S. label.”

DELTA 5 was a post-punk band from Leeds, that split after two years
(1979-1981), one album See The Whirl and several outstanding singles
with Mind Your Own Business (I have a copy, stunning artwork, see
below) as their best known 7″.

Here’s a live version of that classic – Jultz Sale on vocals…

The single’s superb artwork…

All singles and some live tracks…

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