British Rock Anarchists FAT WHITE FAMILY Have TEN THOUSAND APOLOGIES For The Release Of A New Book

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23 September 2021


Who: Gang of controversial and self-destructive anarchists from Sheffield/London that miraculously survived after 10 years of drugs and tons of other toxic situations in and
out of the band but they also managed to produce 3 longplayers and to be one of the most exciting/flabbergasting/frenzied bands that hit the stage this century, in my book.

Here’s an idea…


Authors: Adelle Stripe and Lias Saoudi, the Family’s charismatic frontman
(I wonder what Lias’ part will be in the book, as I doubt that he can remember
a lot about the past brain-damaging 10 years).

(Lias looking for inspiration for the book in Brussels (2016), photo by Turn Up The Volume)

White Rabbit says: “Co-written with lucidity and humour by singer Lias Saoudi
and acclaimed author Adelle Stripe, Ten Thousand Apologies is that rare thing: a music book
that barely features any music, a biography as literary as any novel, and a confessional
that does not seek forgiveness. This is the definitive account of Fat White Family’s disgraceful and radiant jihad – a depraved, romantic and furious gesture of refusal to a sanitised era.”

Out: February 2022 via White Rabbit Books
Pre-order info: via Rough Trade

(The Lou ‘heroin’ Reed days of musical maestro Saul Adamczewski
photo by Turn Up The Volume – France 2016)

Most recent FWF album
Serfs Up! (2019)

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