JAMES BLONDE About Addiction On New Funky Glam Groove ‘DELIRIUM’

21 September 2021

Who: Canadian alternative rock trio inspired by artists such
as Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Billy Talent & MGMT
So far they released one album, their 2017 self-titled debut LP

New single: DELIRIUM

Neil Carson (frontman/songwriter): “‘Delirium’ came out of a time in
my life where I had begun to notice my self-destruction through addiction,
but I was still fighting the urge to do anything about it. Drugs and alcohol
can be your best friend one second, but then you hate your life the next.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a funky glam groove stomping all the way,
bringing Brit stars Arctic Monkeys instantly to mind, sonically and vocally.
This sonic snorter’s overall catchiness feels, yes, delirious. A safe way to
get high, a sane way to go out of your mind.

Here we go…


(press photo received via the band)

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