Canadian Rock Team TIDAL WAVE Reaches Epicness With New Single ‘REGRETS’

New striking strokes

20 September 2021

(photo by Katherine Kwan)

Who: Toronto-based art-rock band featuring
an eclectic group of six musicians.

Influences: M83, Depeche Mode, and Arcade Fire.

New single: REGRETS
From the band’s upcoming EP, out 28th October.

(EP Art by Zoe Goodman)

About: “That crushing sense of impending doom when
you think too hard about death alone in bed at night.”

Regrets floats on layers of shoegazy guitars and fervid vocals
growing to an engrossing level of electrifying epicness when
the glowing chorus kicks in. A couple of spins and you’re hooked.
With every listen, I turned up the volume to fully lose myself in
the towering sonancy. A huge sonic tidal wave, indeed.

Here‘s why…

TIDAL WAVE: Facebook

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