Smells Like Soundgarden Spirit – Canadian Noiseniks TARBOX Hit Hard With Debut Album ‘SAVIORS’

18 September 2021

Band: TARBOX (Montreal)
Who: Noise turbo sharing their experiences
of post-grunge and alternative vibes

Released: 15 September 2021

“With the pandemic, we needed to feel like there was still a future for us.
We were already planning Saviors before everything started collapsing in
front of our eyes. The goal was to create something refreshing, bold and
powerful enough to resuscitate this life.”

Turn Up The Volume: Oh my, oh my! After 35 minutes of an overwhelming-and-titanic noise crusade, I and my trembling stereo needed to take a breather in order to restart the whole hair-raising wall-of-emo-explosions again. Tarbox operates somewhere in between the epic dynamism of Soundgarden, the razorblade grunge of Nirvana and Metallica‘s blustering blasts. Loud, right? Very loud, in fact.

But at the very core of the noise beats a worried heart and a troubled soul aware of the vulnerability of humankind, emphasized by the deadly Covid-19 attacks, a global traumatic reality check. Closing track M.B. only lasts for 52 seconds, but its Apocalyptic rumbling says a lot about the band’s state of mind, actually a reflection of the current mindset of many of us. I’m sure I have your attention by now.

Big sound, big vocals, big emotions, big debut.

Singles/clips: Vulnerability / White Lie



Full album…

TARBOX: Facebook

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