Canadian Duo PARAGON CAUSE Entrances With New Top Pop Album ‘AUTOPILOT’

17 September 2021

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Who: A songwriting, production, and musical duo – Jay Bonaparte
and Michelle Opthof
– from Ottawa, Canada. Their sound is both
haunting and familiar feat. hip-hop, classical piano, 80’s synths
and 50’s guitars.

New album: AUTOPILOT – third LP
Featuring The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner,
Eric Avery and Liam Howe

Released: 13 August 2021
Order: here

Info: “Autopilot sees Paragon Cause probing the length and breadth of their
musical inspirations, creating a sound that is as memorable as it is unique and
original. It features a moodiness and atmospheric nature that comes from the
best of the 1990s and early 2000s Brit Pop scene, melded with guitar sounds
that would not be out of place in the 1970s or 1980s, but enveloped in a 21st
century production sensibility that makes each song sound timeless and yet
very much of the moment.”

(Photo by James Park Photography)

Paragon Cause: “It’s a moody and atmospheric collection of songs that
serve as a meditation on time and how it is mediated by the technology
that can often control our lives.

Turn Up The Volume: Expect waves of pop sparkliness, both punchy with
glorious gems like Two To Play / I’m Not Here / Disconnected and pensive with
moony musings like Think I’m Going Crazy (several mixes) / Making Up For Lost
Time / Play Me / Denied

Multi-layered orchestrations, mesmerizing arrangements, richly colored production,
and silvery songwriting turn Autopilot into a top achievement with Michelle’s Opthof
crystal clear voice in the middle designing a sonic blue sky.

Records like these, musicians like these show how pop-ular music
still has its entrancing force when executed the right way.

Stream/buy full album here…


All Songs Written by Michelle Opthof, Jay Bonaparte, Sune Rose Wagner
Performed by Paragon Cause, Sune Rose Wagner, Liam Howe, Eric Avery
Produced by Sune Rose Wagner, Liam Howe, Eric Avery and Paragon Cause
Artwork by Katie Marie Gallager

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