British Trio MYSTIC PEACH On Fire On Psych-O-Billy Single ‘SHE’S SO NEAT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 September 2021

(Photo Credit: John Osala)

Who: Hair-raiser trio from
Southhampton, UK

New Single: SHE’S SO NEAT
First track from their upcoming
debut EP titled M?

Curtis Gale (frontman): “When you alienate yourself from societal
pressures and following trends, you tend to enjoy your life more. ’She’s
So Neat’ is like the drunk song of the lot. It’s going out with your mates
when you’re sad and then ending up in a state of momentary happiness,
waiting for the impending doom that’s about to explode and seal the
fate for the rest of the night- in this case the EP. “

“My fault,
I’m weak
But she is so neat”

Turn Up The Volume: This psych-o-billy guitar cutter kicks off with
a sort of glam vibrancy, but frontman Gale‘s scary voice changes the
tone in an eyeblink. His doom and gloom timbre sets this raging ripper
on fire. When he slows down a bit it’s only to take a breather before he
goes entirely mental on the chorus. Striking stroke! Burning bluster!

Beware for the alien…

MYSTIC PEACH: FacebookSpotify

4-track EP M? out 12 November via Honeymooner Records

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