10 000 RUSSOS – This Mind-Boggling Album Of The Day Is A Contender For Mind-Boggling Album Of The Year

16 September 2021

Band: 10 000 RUSSOS
Who: An experimental trio formed in 2015 in Porto, Portugal
producing their own forma of Mediterranean Kosmische, which
recalls Neu!’s stomping suites, but taking it to a new level of sonic
experimentation and geographic suggestions. They released 5
studio albums so far (including the new one) and several EPs.


Press info: “This LP is as kinetic as it gets: a perpetually driving sonic force of
motorik rhythms. However, it is much more layered and electronic, journeying
through previously unknown dystopian landscapes (‘Station Europa’ is “a twisted
anthem for the end of Europe”) and sometimes turning into a ritual walkabout
through Southern lands, be it the Iberian peninsula or Mexico. A great example is
“Mexicali Calexico”, beginning with atmospheric, desert-invoking guitars (Cooder’s
‘Paris, Texas’), then building into an unhinged, feedback-blasted Stooges beat
interspersed with frantic banjo playing. It is submersive music with submersive
lyrics, where the motorik feel provides the wheels for travelling through a universe
of sound textures.”

Turn Up The Volume: Ever had an electric chair experience? Me neither until
10 0000 Russos came up with these 40 bloodcurdling minutes of nerve-wracking
Krautrock extravaganza. Superinertia is a superhypnotic beast of a never-ending,
pitch-black-psychedelic jam with trance-like impact. Its insane drive creeps under
your fingernails, streams through your veins, and bewitches your whole psyche.

This Portuguese trio balances somewhere between hallucination experts Can and psychedelia junks The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Superinertia is a mean amphetamine machine droning mercilessly and bulldozing
its way to your inner psyche. Ongoing diabolic grooves, maniacal guitar riffs, creepy
synth-orama, spooky vocals now and then, and tons of layers of repetitive dynamics rushing like a runaway train.

Warning: once you join this cosmic trip, there’s no turning back. When the final
what-the-fuck-is-going-here sledgehammer called Mexicali/Calexico fades out you
need some minutes to re-enter reality. Big fun, right? You betcha.

The video clip for opener Stations Europa

This mind-boggling album of the day is a mind-boggling contender
for mind-boggling album of the year. Entendido? Damn right.

Here’s why

10 000 RUSSOS: FacebookSporify

I can’t wait to get my mind messed up when seeing you on 9 October in my hometown, Genht (Belgium)

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