When Lockdown Blues Leads To Schizophrenia – A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Back In Town With New Team

Daily fuel to load your batteries…

21 April 2021

Who: Infamous psych-noiseniks from Brooklyn, NY
led by founder/mastermind Oliver Ackermann
Active: Since 2003 / 5 LPs (so far) / Last one: Pinned (2018)

New work: 5-track EP titled Hologram, out 16 July. Order info: hero

Lead-single: END OF THE NIGHT

Oliver Ackermann: “It’s the first track written in collaboration with either of
the new band members. It sort of came about as a strange stream of consciousness
and unknowingly became about the end of the former band and the beginning of
the new one.”

Score: If anyone knows a lot about the real secrets of the night it’s A Place To Bury
. I always thought/think that they only function when the darkness sets in.
Their new nightmarish psych thriller finds Ackermann‘s restless shadow looking back
and forward.

The razzle-dazzle result is spine-and-mind-chilling like Nine Inch Nails going punk, Spacemen 3 returning from the dead and The Brian Jonestown Massacre freaking out
on acid, all at the same time. This is what happens when lockdown blues leads to schizophrenia, I guess.

Get out of your straight jacket and dive into the night…


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