Turn Up The Volume’s TOP 5 Of Lust For IGGY POP LPs

1. LUST FOR LIFE – 2nd LP – August 1977

AllMusic: “Iggy managed to channel the aggressive power of his work with the Stooges
with the intelligence and perception of ‘The Idiot’, and the result was smart, funny, edgy,
and hard-rocking. ‘Lust for Life is the best album of Iggy Pop’s solo career.”

Score: 10/10

Stream here…

2. THE IDIOT – solo debut – March 1977

Pitchfork: “Where once he was infernal and freewheeling, he now became
cool and restrained by Bowie’s careful, calculated producer’s hand.”

Score: 8.5/10

Stream here…

3. THE STOOGES – the band’ debut album – August 1969

Rolling Stone: “Loud, boring, tasteless, unimaginative and childish.”
Well, they changed, like so many critics who didn’t like it when
it was released, their minds later.

Stream here…

4. BRICK BY BRICK – 9th album – June 1990

AllMusic: “Smart, tough, and impressive on all counts, Brick by Brick was Iggy Pop’s strongest work since Lust for Life, and marked a new high point in his career as a songwriter.”
Score: 9/10

Stream here…

5. POST POP DEPRESSION – 17th LP – March 2016

NME: “The punk genius confronts the grim reaper
with gnarly poetry and sassy garage rock.”

Score: 10/10

Stream here…


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