Texan Indie Rock Trio TOUGH ON FRIDAYS Is ‘UNDONE’

10 January 2021

Home: Georgetown, Texas
Who: Alt indie rock trio with an ability to artfully smash
together pop, indie, and grunge into their own brand of
infectious, in-your-face rock ‘n roll.

Key references: Sleater-Kinney, Liz Phair, L7, PJ Harvey

Pick: UNDONE – newest single

Score: Following their excellent debut LP A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time,
released last September, the impassioned Texan indie trio dropped this raw ripper
at the end of an unforgettable 2020. No special effects, no arty-farty production, no superfluous blah-blah-blah. What you get from Tough On Fridays comes straight from
the heart and soul. Edgy indie with rollin’ bass fuzz, clobbering drum hits, shimmering guitar buzz and bold-as-brass vocals. Bingo!

Press play…

You can also stream and buy
the track on Bandcamp…


(Photo via band’s ReverbNation account)

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