#DumpTrump While Dancing To Powerstroke ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ By TOKYO TABOO

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

29 September 2020

A couple of weeks ago British thunder and lighting noise-rockers
TOKYO TABOO dropped their anti-Trump rant AMERICAN DREAM.

“A steamy stunner with an explosive in-your-orange-face intro kick-starting this
clamorous haymaker instantly with a titanic wall-of-blazing-riff hurly-burly and
deafening percussion slams”
wrote Turn Up The Volume after controlling if
his ears were still intact.

And here’s the video. A both gloriously hilarious and frighteningly reality check
clip. Hilarious because of the way that White House buffoon is portrayed. Frightening because – read the lyrics on screen – of the reminder of his devastating impact on the country he divided fiercely.

And let’s not forget how he encouraged (and still does) tons of far-right bullies and dangerous nationalistic politicians all over the world with his fascism inspired, daily propaganda Twitter show.

Help to share this #DumpTrump clip around the world…


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