Third Album REM ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction’ Came Out 35 Years Ago

10 June 2020

Band: R.E.M (Athens, Georgia)
Active: 1980-2011
Album: Fables Of The Reconstruction
The band’s third LP – A concept album with
Southern Gothic themes and characters
Released: 10 June 1985 – 35 years ago

BBC MUSIC:“This third effort marked a change in direction for the band,
who infused its 11 songs with dark, unsettling undertones… Overall, Fables
is the embodiment of confusion, of minds and worlds unsure about their
futures, a sense of foreboding intensified by Stipe’s oblique, muddied lyrics.”

Keywords: Jingle jangle grooviness that inspired thousand bands afterward
Key tracks:  Driver 8 / Can’t Get There From Here / Wendell Gee

– DRIVER 8 –



Full album…

R.E.M: Facebook

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