Darkwave Duo HALLOWS Launches Pounding Title Track From Their Debut EP – Here’s ‘SUBTLE’…

New sonic impulses

13 February 2020


Who: “A darkwave/post-punk collaboration conceived in Minneapolis/St Paul in 2018, drifted to Seattle. The duo consisting of Dom R. (vocals, guitar, synth, drum programming) and Vanee D. (vocals, synth, bass) describes their music as layers of yearning sounds, bleeding into uplifting, sanguine beats, with an intimate message about modern day malaise told from an exposed, vulnerable lens.”

Track: SUBTLE – first single and also the title track from their debut EP

Score: Talking about a terrific debut! ‘Subtle‘ is an awesome, pounding darkwave killer.
The first affecting part starts with a vibrating synth riff, pounding drums and the spiritual voice of Dom R. Shortly after, the track enters a darker territory where The Sisters Of Mercy and German duo D.A.F also love to wander around, looking for obscure inspiration. The sound gets threatening, ominous and enigmatic, now with sombre vocals by Vanee D. heading its way towards a hellish end. Hallows definitely have a great gloomy future!

Enter the dark area right here…

HALLOWS: Facebook

Debut EP SUBTLE out 3 April via Phage Tapes. More info here .

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