HISTORY – 35 Years Ago PINK FLOYD’s Main Man ROGER WATERS Released His Solo Debut LP

8 May 2019

On 8 May 1984 , today 35 years ago, PINK FLOYD‘s main singer/songwriter ROGER WATERS released his first solo album, entitled THE PROS AND CONS OF HITCH HIKING.
A concept album (of course) about one man’s midlife crisis that actually could have been a Floyd LP. At the time Waters was busy working on two longplayers, this one and another, provisionally named Bricks in the Wall (yes, you certainly can guess its definite title).

Waters presented both blueprints to the band. Although David Gilmour liked ‘Pros and Cons‘ better musically, the group decided to go for ‘The Wall‘ as their next LP and the rest
is history. The LP’s artwork is intentionally cheap and gratuitous, although I’m sure the smart label people will have some arty farty explanation to justify it. Anyway, the music
is a pretty compelling achievement. Here’s Roger Waters first solo symphony in full…

ROGER WATERS: Facebook – All Albums

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