Liverpool’s OYA PAYA Regretful On New Groovy Single ‘WHY?’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Turn Up The Volume featured colorful and multifaceted trio out of Liverpool before. Their musical vibe ranges from bluesy weirdness to funky hip-hop, all delivered with a twisted touch. New single WHY? is an equally cool humdinger yet the song’ story is less fun. The band’s drummer Ashwin was recently forced to move back to his native Singapore.

Facing this disappointment it spurred the friends into action: “We made use of the only
thing that still connected us (the internet) and started piecing tunes together across continents. It’s meant to resonate with anybody who’s ever felt lonely and isolated. It’s a convoluted way of asking life “why” does it have to be so difficult? The fruits of our labour have helped us understand that it’s not impossible.”

WHY? moves from smooth to groovy. From reflective to dancey. Underneath the playful beat you feel the pain and sorrow about losing a close pal and band mate. But the band’s thoughts go even further than that. People just can’t choose where they want to live. Me, myself and I nationalism is back in the Western world for some years now, unfortunately, getting stronger and stronger. No wonder the eternal question Why? returns on repeat. Here’s no answer but the hopeful spirit creates a little bit of light…

OYA PAYA: Facebook – Instagram

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