LINN KOCH-EMMERY – This Vehement Singer/Songwriter Will Thrill All Your Senses With Raving Debut EP ‘BOYS’…

When we can’t get enough of it…

2 November 2017

LINN KOCH-EMMERY is a flamboyant and charismatic singer/songwriter from Sweden ready to infiltrate countless speakers with her excellent debut EP, titled BOYS, containing four standout crackers that will activate all of your senses in a magnetizing way. They rock and they roll thunderously. You’ll have this ecstasy on repeat for some time. Here’s why…

BBY NEVERMIND: a flaming ripper pushed by towering guitars and a stupendous vocal flow. Catchy as hell from start to finish. This corker will activate your adrenalin’s stream.

UNDER THE SUN: an electrifying groove reminding me of the bloody cool swagger of
The Breeders . An irresistible dashing jam with a stormy finale. A magnificent stroke.

LITTLE FEELS: a mid-tempo, mixed emotions musing, beautifully composed with Koch-Emmery’s voice sounding irresistibly moody and mysteriously seductive like Angel Olsen

FOREVER SOUNDS: this is my personal favorite. A feverish drive fueled with a killer sing along ‘Always On My mind‘ chorus. Hypnotic and glowing . Sonic firework at its very best!…

Without a shadow of a doubt
one of the best EP’s of 2017…

LINN KOCH-EMMERY: Facebook – Twitter

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